• Shon Schreiber
    Email:sschreiber@asd5.org                 Phone:360 538-2040
    Homeroom: Sam Benn Gym
    Welcome to Weights and Conditioning, My name is Schreiber. I am excited to be the Weights and Conditioning instructor here at AHS as well as the head baseball coach. Both Weights/Conditioning and Coaching Baseball are a passion of mine and I hope my excitement for both will excite the students enough to do there best and work hard to better themselves. Please remember that the Weight Training and Condition is elective and you made the choice to take this class so work hard and do your best, because your grade will be earned not given.We will be doing a 3 day weight lifting split (Monday-Wednesday and Friday). On Tuesday and Thursday we will be joining the PE classes to do our conditioning and playing games. We are using the Bigger Faster Stronger Program which contains 6 different core lift such as Towel Bench, Box or Front Squats, Power Cleans, Hex Bar Deadlift, Flat Bench and Parallel Squat.
    Each Student will be graded on how they perform on their assigned workout for the day . As I stated above this class is an elective and they chose to take this class. Students will be graded on a all or nothing basis.  5pt (A) will be given if the student follows the workout given and works to their best ability on every lift. The Student will receive less daily points for showing no effort, sitting around, messing around or not following the BFS program.The students will also be graded on keeping their BFS notebook updated weekly. They can earn 6pts on book, 1pt for each lift they perform and track. Yes, this the book they had to pay $5 for at the beginning of the year.Again, Weights and conditioning is a passion of mine and I hope the students will follow my lead and work to the best of their abilities. span>