• Mrs. Armenta at Chichenitza
    Heidi Armenta
    Email: harmenta@asd5.org
    Phone: 360-538-2100
    Homeroom: 103

    UPDATED June 15, 2020


    Please check your email every day. 

    I am available Mon-Thurs, 7am-4pm by email. Please

    email me at harmenta@asd5.org if you have questions or are having trouble accessing anything.

    Weekly Activities for June 15-19

    I will be having a special Zoom meeting Monday at 10:30 for all my students.

    We will combine Mrs. Allee's and my classes for a fun meeting. Bring a show-

    and-tell! Invite will be in Google Classroom.


    I also will have a final History Zoom on Tuesday during 4th and 6th period.

    (Schedule at the bottom).


    There is very important information on returning Chromebooks, Library

    books, and school equipment. Please look for the date/time you are scheduled

    to return items:




    Go to Google Classroom for ELA, History, and PE assignments, or pick up a 

    packet at one of the lunch locations if your child is unable to do the online work.

    They do not have to do both. It is one or the other. Links to assignments are below as well:




    Tips for managing the work: Encourage your child to "chunk" their subjects. In other

    words, they can work on math one day, reading another if they are feeling overwhelmed.




    Miller's schedule is as follows:


    1st period: 8:29-9:19

    2nd period: 9:23-10:13

    3rd period: 10:17-11:07

    4th period: 11:11-12:07


    5th period: 12:45-1:35

    6th period: 1:39-2:30

    That doesn't mean you have to be at your computer all day! That is just the

    time period when your teachers will be available for communication! Check

    the Google Classroom for your assignments and work at your own pace.

    History and ELA are assigned to be due in two weeks. 

    be logged in to your Google account to access Google Classroom.
    **If you have trouble getting into any program,
    please email me for help.**


    Optional Free Resources if you have spare time or need added challenge:



    My name is Heidi Armenta. I have been teaching since 2000, but came to teach in Aberdeen                                         
    in 2005. I grew up in Hoquiam, Washington. I have an AA from Grays Harbor College, a Bachelor's
    in History from the University of Washington, and a Master's in Teaching from Seattle University.
    I am also National Board Certified in Early and Middle Child Literacy.
    This is my fourth year at Miller. Prior to that I taught at Robert Gray for ten years as a 5th and
    6th grade teacher, and before that I taught in the Shoreline School District for five years, mostly
    as a 5th grade teacher. I decided to take the leap to middle school so I could share my passion--
    history. I love working with middle schoolers and I love sharing my love of history and literature. 
    Here at Miller I teach 7th grade Humanities-- English Language Arts (ELA) and Washington State
    History. My team teaching partner is Chelsea Allee, and we work closely to support our shared
    In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and camping with my family. We go to Mexico once a year to
    visit my husband's family and to connect our children to their heritage. I speak Spanish fluently,
    and am an avid reader and movie watcher.
    My family at Chichenitza