• A Chat with our Office Staff!

    Candyce, Kylie, and Perla were assigned to ask their office staff some questions about life choices and experiences.They asked their educated office staff of Mrs. Jelovich, Mr. Douglass, Ms. Chapin, Mrs. Struthers, and Ms. McNeal here are the results.

    Mrs. Jelovich is a caring, nice, friendly person that has had experience working as a secretary and that’s why we hired her here at Miller. As a kid she wanted to have fame, glory and be a pop star like Britney Spears. When she was in middle and high school she dreamed of being a veterinarian.  Mrs. Jelovich went to college for five years at Grays Harbor Community College. In her opinion the best part of her job is the kids and getting to know them, and she hasn't had a worst part of being on the Miller staff. Yet. Growing up as a kid she was strongly inspired by her parents and still is, they are a big part in her life.

    Mr. Douglass is a dependable worker and likes kids and that's why we hired him at our school. Before he worked as a behavior specialist at Miller he was a full time truck driver.  He drove trucks for 18 years working with Dahlstrom Inc. traveling through Washington and Oregon. He went to college at Grays Harbor Community College and Clover Park Technical College, attending college for a total of three years. In his opinion the best part of this job is the kids and being able to help them work through problems, the worst part is listening and watching the kids make mistakes that could get them in serious trouble. He doesn't have a role model, but he definitely looks up to former principals and tries to improve their accomplishments. He is very proud of the work he and his co-workers have accomplished during the time they have worked together. When he was younger his dream was to be a police officer, but raising his own children and interacting with them inspired him to work at a school and we are lucky enough to have him working at ours.

    Mrs. Struthers is a wonderful, kind, positive, energetic person and she loves kids, which, is why she thinks we hired her to work with our staff at Miller. Mrs. Struthers wanted to be a secretary or a veterinarian before she worked at Miller. She achieved her goal of becoming a secretary and she went through one year of college to achieve that goal. She attended Grays Harbor schools her whole life. However, she wanted to go back to school because she wanted to have a better education . She says the best part of her job is being around children and helping them. The worst part is when kids aren’t around, for example during the summer while all the kids are on break and she comes in and it’s quiet and boring. She gets inspired and looks up to her co-workers, she learns from all of them. She is very happy with what Miller staff and students have achieved over the years she has been here, and says there is still more to achieve in the future. She joined or staff because she loved volunteering at her children’s school and helping in general. She attended Hoquiam schools as a child herself.

    ms. chapin Ms. Chapin says we hired her for three reasons: she is awesome, knowledgable in her field, and loves kids. In high school she wanted to be an architect, and as a young child she wanted to be an actress or a pediatric nurse. She attended Grays Harbor community college for 6 years, and majored in nursing at WGU (Western Governors University), she did not attend Miller as a child. Ms. Chapin says the best part of her job is being with the students and helping them with their illnesses, and the worst part is when parents are unconcerned for their children when she knows there is something wrong with their child. She looks up to Connie Truman, who is the nurse at Aberdeen High School. She is impressed with what she and her co-workers have achieved at the high school and hopes Miller can be just as successful.

    Ms. McNeal thinks we hired her because she likes working here at Miller Junior High and wants to make Miller the best it can be. Growing up, Ms. McNeal wanted to become a writer and she had to attend college for 2 or more years to become the principal’s secretary. The best part of her job is getting to know the students here at Miller Junior High and the worst part of her job is probably being cooped up all day in the back of the office. Growing up, her role model was her neighbor because her neighbor was always caring and nice and she wanted to be just like her. She also liked someone who could write a story which is probably why she studied writing at the University of Washington. Before becoming the principal’s secretary she volunteered at other schools. Ms. McNeal did attend Miller Junior High and so did her children.