• Mrs. Rattie


    My name is Shawnie Rattie and I am a Washington State Certified Professional Educator who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washington State University. I was born and raised in Aberdeen Washington and I successfully completed my student teaching for the Aberdeen School District at Robert Gray Elementary with Melissa Fritts in the Spring of 2006. 

    My passion is teaching Kindergarten and having an opportunity to engage each child in this setting brings me immense joy! I was born to teach but I believe the parent is their child's first teacher and I am always here to help foster student goals alongside each family I serve. As a professional educator, it is my responsibility to discover and develop the whole child with the help of each family I have the privilege of working with. Every child brings a unique set of experiences, interests and abilities and I want all children to know I will treat them with fairness and respect.

    I have created learning experiences in the classroom over the past 12 years in safe, respectful, developmentally appropriate settings with individual student-centered learning goals in mind. Routines help set the expectations of the day and give students a consistent learning platform. I genuinely enjoy researching and developing many differentiated approaches to delivering content to young learners. Watching students become excited on their learning journey and collaborating in teams through guided and independent activities allows the freedom to redirect a student toward successful discovery and deepen a thorough understanding of concepts to build solid foundational skills in these early years. I am a member of the AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) Team at Central Park Elementary and use WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading) in my instructional strategies. This year we have achieved the status of 1:1 devices with each student having access to the use of a Touchscreen Chromebook as well as a grant for Ozobots written by Traci Sandstrom. Kindergarteners are using Ozobots to learn coding skills and they LOVE it!

    My experience has taught me that behavior is language and it has always been my desire to uproot the antecedent to help each child become socially responsible members of the community. I try to visualize their world by periodically looking at their learning environment through their lens. This helps me develop strategic avenues to bring them closer to their learning goals in a fun and engaging classroom. Modeling kindness, respect for others, property, and learning as well as empathy, integrity and more character attributes is essential in Kindergarten where it may be their first experience sharing space, time and resources with others their age.

    Communication is key to building the most important part of education which to me is relationships! Relationships build trust so it is always my pleasure to have an open-door policy with multiple avenues to suit your educational needs for your child in my class. Personally, I adore Class Dojo as a way to communicate with families in a prompt fashion. I love that my entire class is connected so I can upload communication to the group as a whole or private message individual parents and guardians. Although Class Dojo is my favorite, I also welcome phone, calls, emails, notes sent through our communication folder and in person visits. I am thrilled to meet with you to discuss your child's progress in Kindergarten!

    It is my honor to be your child's Kindergarten teacher this year. When I am not teaching you will find me reading, volunteering, fishing, camping and exploring the PNW with my family and friends. Thank you for sharing your amazing child with me! If I had one wish it would be that each family spent dinner time at the table together without electronics as often as possible and read something together every single day!

    Kind Regards,

    Mrs. Rattie