• Twin Harbors, A Branch of New Market Skills Center and founded in 2010, is a consortium of 12 high schools in 11 districts providing career and technical education (formerly vocational) to high school students interested in employment after high school and/or preparation for entering college or apprenticeship.

    • Twin Harbors services juniors and seniors during the school year with opportunities for all high school students during summer programs
    • Twin Harbors prepares students to enter the workforce through industry standard certifications
    • Twin Harbors prepares students for college; either 2-year or 4-year
    • Twin Harbors program curriculum are aligned with all state GLE's and EALR's
    • Twin Harbors services students who are under 21 without a high school diploma; a GED is okay to have
    Participating School Districts in Twin Harbors Consortium:
    Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Lake Quinault, Montesano, North Beach,
    Ocosta, Raymond, South Bend,Taholah, Willapa Valley, Wishkah Valley
    Professional Medical Careers (PMC)
    Student training Site
    3003 Cherry Street
    Hoquiam, WA 98550
    Main Campus:
    410 N. G St. 
    Aberdeen, WA 98520
    Campus Map