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Mrs. Allee

I will be posting all of my assignments on google classroom and on the weekly assignments tab on this page. You can also pick up a paper version at lunch sites or print one from the weekly assignment tab. There will be a weekly online zoom meeting for each of my classes the class schedule is below. The link to the meeting will be in google classroom. This will be a time that you can ask questions and we can try to get you help. I am starting to use this as a time to give notes, explain problems and help with online work expectations and procedures. When you participate, make sure you keep all conversations and actions school appropriate. Keep working hard. We got this!!

Zoom meetings can be 45 minutes long for each class, however if all questions/work is complete before then the meeting will end, so don't be late or you might miss important information.

Virtual Tuesday Schedule:
1st Period: 8:29 
2nd Period: 9:23
3rd Period: 10:17
4th Period: 11:11
6th Period: 1:39  
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