• Budget Advisory Committee

    The Aberdeen School District is taking measures to respond to the complex financial puzzle resulting from the new state funding model. Our  Budget Advisory Committee has been formed to provide broad-based input from our community to establish district priorities for short and long-term planning.

    Purpose and Scope: The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) provides a structure for the involvement by a variety of district and community members with unique knowledge and skills to offer in establishing budget priorities for ASD5. This committee is advisory, and supports the Superintendent in providing recommendations and key information to the board of directors regarding both short and long-term financial management that support the mission and priorities of the District.


    • Develop an understanding of the District’s budget and financial issues
    • Provide input on local priorities and, as needed, develop recommendations on fiscal and program priorities that ensure a balanced budget
    • Contribute to improved communication to enhance understanding of the District’s budget and financial condition
    • Contribute to and support a transparent and collaborative budgeting process

    Committee Representation: The BAC is comprised of community members, parents, and staff to include representation of union leadership from all employee groups.

    Desired expertise on Committee: Elementary education, secondary education, budgeting, operations, construction & bonds, health and safety. Preference for Aberdeen residents or business owners.

    All meetings are to the public

    The BAC is a standing committee that meets 3-4 times each year, with additional meetings to be convened if needed.

    Our first meeting for 2020-21 is scheduled for Thursday, December 10 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. The meeting will be held virtually, and the link will be posted.

    History: The BAC was formed in the Fall of 2018 pursuant to the McCleary decision which fundamentally altered the way schools are financed in Washington.