• RFP AHS Auditorium Update 2021
    Date Submitted: February 11, 2021

    The Aberdeen School District #5 is requesting proposals to update and modernize the original Aberdeen High School (AHS) Auditorium lighting system. This facility is used by the District, local community and county government for multiple event types throughout any given year. The project and goals will be fully detailed in the RFP.

    RFP Delivery Instructions: Proposals for any or all of the items should be submitted before March 30th, 2021, no later than 2:00 p.m. The proposal should be emailed to:

    mmahon@asd5.org, elouderback@asd5.org, adiel@asd5.org

    With Subject Line: AHS Auditorium Proposal 2021

    Proposals failing to comply with the requirements of this Request for Proposals may be considered non-responsive. Submittals received late will be returned unopened and considered rejected. All qualifications shall remain the property of Aberdeen School District and shall not be returned.

    Please send all questions regarding this RFP via email to: Matt Mahon - mmahon@asd5.org
    (Please reference: RFP AHS Auditorium)

    RFP AHS Auditorium Update 2021

    Suspension and Debarment Certification

    Additional Reference Documents:

    AHS Auditorium Approx Dimensions and Distances from Catwalk to Stage

    Vendor Questions:

    What is the estimated cost of this project? 

    At this time we do not have an estimated cost to the project and will be waiting for proposals to determine a final budget depending on the scope of what can be done and is financially feasible. 

    Do you require union to all of your projects or contracts?

    No, we do not. 

    Does your district have the ability internally to pull some cable (low voltage) through existing conduit?

    The Aberdeen School District does have a maintenance department that may be able to do low voltage cable through existing conduit. There would be several factors to determine if this would be a possible scenario, including cost savings, scope of work, existing workload and availability of the maintenance department. If including such options, please list costs on separate line items, indicating items where the District may be able to reduce costs by doing install or other labor in house. 

    Does the District have AS BUILTS?

    Yes, you can download a PDF version of the Auditorium "As Builts" here: AHS Auditorium Lighting Documentation. Please note the last pages of the document are for a different location in AHS and are not associated with the Auditorium. 

    Assuming you are expecting the contractor to purchase, install and aim the stage lights? RFP doesn’t specify installation and aiming?
    If including such services, please list on a separate line the cost of installation and services. If the service(s) are something that could be done by the District, such as aiming lights, it may be in the interest of the District to do this to lower overall cost, but it may also be nice to give a cost of optional services. In some cases depending on the time and availability of the District personnel it may make sense for such services to be contracted. 
    We discussed the need for engineered drawings and engineered stamp since L&I typically requires any electrical work for schools to be stamped by an engineer. RFP doesn’t call for it. Should I include a budget number breakout if we have to go that route?
    If this is something that may be needed based upon your proposal and recommendation, please include the cost or estimated cost as best as possible, stating the reason and circumstance in which it would be needed.