Hello!  Below I have posted your Google Classroom Codes and NoRedInk Class Codes.  Resources for each of your novels can be found in Google classroom.  Many of you have your NoRedInk class code, but I reposted them here.  Durring the shutdown, NoRedInk has made all of their courses available to us for free!  They have some excellent grammar help available that I cannot ususally access.  If you are bored, click around on their site.  I look forward to hearing from each of you, via Google or email.

    Ms. Portmann


    PRE-AP English students:

    Google Classroom Code:  lhmfcck

    NoRedInk class code: eager puma 45


    Sophomore English students:

    Google Clasroom Code:  5k5fjhw

    NoRedInk class code:  2nd period--  loud goat 22,  3rd period--  misty moose 22


    Freshman C English Students:

    Google Classroom Code:  qv4bmme

    NoRedInk class code:  proud locket 63