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Miss. Hoefs



Welcome to Miss. Hoef's Class!

I teach 6th grade Math and Science. This is my second year teacching 6th grade and my third year teaching. I'm really excited to get to work with all of you and your students.

We are currently in a Online Learning situation. Each week I will be posting the week's assignments in 2 places. under the "weekly assignments" page her on my website, and they will be poasted in the google classroom for each studnet to see. 

Each week we will have some sort of online "live" class. usually a Zoom class. each week I will post the link and the time in the google classroom for the students to be able to access. Good manners are expected from your children.

Parents each week I send out a parent email through Skyward. Please make sure that your email is upto date with the district. Also if you have emailed asking me to call you please answer your phone, phone calls are cominig from blocked numbers. It is also helpful if you let us know when would be a good time to call so that we are not intterupting you. 

Please email me if you have any questions, concerns, or need me to call you.

For Math I have been workingon Mini lesson videos for your kids to help them understand concepts. As I make these I will be posting them in the google classroom. If you and/or your student is struggling with a math assignment please let me know so that I can help you.

Sites that we commonly use:



Imagine Math: http:/

Legends of Learning:

Khan Academy: