• Family
    William H. Rabung
    Special Education Instruction 2002-Current
    Voice of the Bobcats 2010-Current
    P.A.S.S. Program Behavior Specialest 2006-2020
    LEO Club Adviser 2008-2015
    Head Baseball coach 2007-2012  (Asst. 2002-06)
    Asst. Football Coach 2003- 2011
    Miller Jr. High:
    Basketball coaching staff 2002- 2010
    "Some people want it to happen,
     some wish it would happen,
    others make it happen." - Michael Jordan
    Grade School:
    Campbell Bears  (Anchorage, Alaska)    
    Jr High School:
    Mears Panthers (Anchorage, Alaska)  
    High School
    A.J.  Dimond High School Lynx  Class of 1981 (Anchorage, Alaska)
    Shoreline C.C. Dolphins 1994-97  AA
    University of Washington Huskies  (Bow Down to Washington)
    BA English Education 1999
    BS Sociology  2000
    MA Ed. Special Education Instruction  2003
         Emotional/Behavior Disorders Focus