• Group Photo ASL Night March

    I am available Monday - Thursday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM via email: aramsey@asd5.org

    Starting Monday, April 13th all classes will be meeting in Google Classroom and having Zoom meetings.

    Parents, you can email me and I will add you to Google Classroom so you get weekly assignments and updates on your student's work.

    The work schedule for each class will be:

    Monday: All classes will meet via Zoom during normal class times. If you have lost the invitation, please email me and I will send it to you.  It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to join us during these meetings. During this meeting we will be going over new vocabulary, reviewing previous vocabulary and taking quizzes.

    Tuesday - Thursdsay: All classes will have a minumim of 2 assignments a week to practice the new vocabulary, and will be signing for me in Flipgrid.

    The class codes for Google Classroom are:

    Google Classroom ASL I: wgpklgl

    Google Classroom ASL II: 67m7ojx

    Google Classroom ASL III/IV: cry5v3z

    While we will not be meeting every week, I still need Link Crew to check in! :)

    Google Classroom Link Crew:https://y235grh

    I look forward to seeing you there! 😊