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    Steve  Reed
     Auburn University graduate

    Each week you will fill out a weekly fitness tracker to show your exercise for the week. The fitness tracker can be found on my main webpage under the Instructional Resources page.

    Please read what are and are not acceptable forms of exercise on that page. When you email me back your fitness tracker make sure it has the following: your name, your class period, and a parent/guardian signature. 

    Daily exercise will be the suggested learning opportunity for this class. You will email back your results to me each Friday by 3pm.


    I will be available via email on Mondays during your regularly scheduled class periods. Tuesday-Thursday I am available via email, I will be checking my email a minimum of 3 times a day.

    If you have any question please email me at sreed@asd5.org


    Please read the following important information about obtaing credit during this Trimester

    Student and Family Communication for Academic Credit Options


    Expectation of coursework and communication

    • Starting on April 13th you will have the opportunity to earn a .5 credit in each of your trimester 3 courses

    - Graded course exceptions are Edgenuity, Running Start and some other dual credit courses

    • Teachers will be communicating with you through a variety of district-approved methods including Google Classroom, Remind, Skyward, etc.

    - Tuesday through Thursday communication will be by appointment from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

    - Make sure to email your teachers if you have any questions anytime, they will respond during working hours

    • You need to check in with your teachers regularly each week
    • Monday is “Class Day” schedule: note that each teacher may present the Monday class period in a different format; you need to be in contact with each of your teachers. This may include Zoom, Open Google Document and Email as options


    8:10 - 9:15         1st Period

    9:20 -10:21        2nd Period

    10:26 - 11:27    3rd Period

    11:32 -12:33     4th Period

    Lunch  12:33 - 1:39

    1:44 - 2:45         6th Period


    Access to school work

    • Course work will be provided through the internet (laptops, computer, phones, etc.)
    • It will be posted to teacher’s websites, Google Classroom, Skyward and or Remind
    • Paper assignments will be made available at each of the five food service sites for pick up

    Options to turn in school work

    • Turn in through Google Classroom, Email or other methods directed by your teachers
    • Can drop off the paper assignments at one of the five food service sites, you can also take pictures of your assignments and send them to your teachers email if you have the capability to do so

    CATS Connections, Senior Boards update

    • Character Dares will be sent out once a week
    • Grades 9th -11th have no CATS Connections assignments during this trimester 3 term
    • CATS Connection for the trimester 3 term will not be graded or for credit
    • Senior Project and Board information will be sent out in a separate communication with specific details; these are still required for graduation