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Mr. Johnson

Orchestra 2019-2020

Mr. Johnson

Orchestra teacher at Robert Gray, Central Park, McDermoth, A.J. West, Stevens, Miller, and Aberdeen High School


Hello Students and Families! Welcome to Orchestra!

I am so sorry about the school being closed. It pains me to believe that all our concerts are cancelled for the rest of the school year. If you listened to the governor’s announcement on 4-6-2020, then you will know that all schools are distance learning for the rest of the school year. This is really hard on all of us. Your teachers and I are doing the best to provide you with educational materials for the rest of the year. On this site, I will give an overview of what our work will be, but it will be given primarily through our Google Classroom page. If you do have any questions, students or parents, please email me at anytime and I will respond between the hours of 8 am to 3 pm on normal business days.

So the rest of the year things will be different, but this is what we will be doing until summer.

  1. Breezin’ Thru Theory. This is a website that works on music theory, ear training, and composing. This will be where we do most of our classwork and learning. I have set up some units for you to complete. You can take them at your own speed, but they will be due every 2 weeks.
  2. Music History Projects. Every 3 week, I will be asking for a 1 to 2 page paper on a music history topic. There will be three of these for the rest of the term. For each paper, you will be able to choose a topic that you want to talk about within the main topic provided by me. Let me know when you have decided what your topic or person is and I will let you know if that is ok or not. Don’t want 5 people doing the same thing. In the actual assignment page I will list the specific requirements for each paper.  (The reason for these papers being open-ending is that I want you to find something that you are passionate about in music and share it with me. I have always found that students do better when they are passionate about the topic they are working on.)
    1. The first one will be about a composer or music producer that you like. This could be someone like Bach, Mozart, Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, or someone else. Again, choose someone that you like and I’ll approve it. I don’t want 5 people doing the same thing.
    2. The second paper will be about an instrument of your choice. You can choose your own instrument if you would like, but it would be great if you could select another one. Make sure that when you select an instrument that there is plenty of information about it.
    3. The last paper will be about a musical era or piece of music. In the assignment details I will go over more what an era of music is. As for a piece of music, I ask that you choose a piece that you have played with the orchestra or a piece that was written by a classical composer. If you need help finding one, contact me and I will do my best to find on that interests you.
  3. Smart Music. On each google classroom I will leave a code so that you can access the program. From previous students that have accessed it before, it seems that once you have asked to join, I will have to approve it. If you want to let me know that you have logged in so I can approve your access that would be great. With this program, you will be able to practice different piece and possibly our music we were playing might be on there. I will be asking for some playing tests. It could be through music that we were playing or some sight reading exercises.
  4. You should use the fundamentals packet to warm-up and learn some new fundamentals. Maybe choose 3 to 4 a week to really work on. That is my recommendation. Then either practice over our music from class or learn something new over Smart Music. If you need help, you can message me and I will do my best.
  5. Zoom Meetings. We will meet every Monday at 11:32 to 12:33. There we can talk about our assignments and what the rest of the school year will look like. 

I am assuming that this is new to all of you. This is new to me as well and I am not used to teaching this way. I am trying to do my best and I hope that you would put your best foot forward in this work. If you have any questions about any of this, please email me at any time. I will respond in the hours I have listed above.

Thank you for listening and I hope you have a great day! I am so excited to see your work and looking forward to making music with you again in the fall.


Mr. Johnson