• The Junior Year


    Junior Counselor: Jessica Madison

    The Junior Year of high school is an interesting year. This is the beginning of the end of the high school years. It is all about bringing focus to your future. It is the first year you are considered an "Upperclassman." You have had two years of high school, you know the ropes, and you are now being looked at as a leader within your school. More is expected of you as a student and a person at AHS. You have more options for classes you can take, thus a sharper focus on what you want your future to look like is necessary. You get to experience things like Business Week which will ask you to apply what you have learned in a challenging and competitive environment.
    There is still time to make up credits if you made a mistake earlier in your high school career. There is still time to commit to a club, activity or sports team if you want to. There is still time to take advantage of many things here at AHS and in the community. There is still time to learn from the seniors who are experiencing their senior year. But be aware that time is beginning to run out for all of these things...there are more days of high school behind you than are ahead of you.
    The Junior year is about reaching out for those opportunities, and trying to make those memories while the time is still there. Enjoy it!
    Here are some links to help you through the Junior Year!