• Open Doors Youth Reengagement | OSPI

    Open Doors Youth Reengagement is a system that provides education and services to older youth, ages 16-21, who have dropped out of school or are not expected to graduate from high school by the age of 21.

    Open Doors reengages disconnected youth through programs that encourage community partnerships, create multiple pathways for students to realize success, and provide an on-ramp to post-secondary achievement through a performance-based, individualized support model. This program offers students an opportunity to both prepare for their GED while also earning high school credits and/or attending our local skills center. 

    Students in the Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program are supported through case management, instruction, and support services available through the district, including but not limited to the following:

    • special education and 504 services,
    • EL support services,
    • onsite childcare services,
    • assessment support, and
    • computer lab access.

    Students enrolled in the Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program will be provided with academic instruction appropriate to their skill level and academic goals as well as college and career readiness preparation coursework. Instruction may include:

    • Competency-based academic and/or vocational training.
    • College preparation math or writing instruction.
    • Subject-specific high school credit recovery.
    • English language instruction.
    • Cooperative work experience credit

    Student eligibility is determined based on the following factors:

    • Under 21 years of age, but at least 16 years of age, as of September 1st.
    • Has not yet met high school graduation requirements.
    • Is credit deficient, or
      • referred by case managers from DSHS, the Juvenile justice system, district-approved school personnel, or a community agency that provides educational advocacy services.