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    Principal:  Lisa Griebel                    School Counselor:  Kasi Turner

    lgriebel@asd5.org                            kturner@asd5.org

    Office Hours: 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM    Office Phone: 360-538-2180                                                


    March/April Calendar

    March 1  Grays Harbor College Presentation for Seniors

    March 7 WIDA exam

    March 8 District Wide Collaboration HLC releases at 12:45 PM

    March 14 and 15 No Classes/School Student Led Conferences

    March 21 Projected State Indoor Mask Mandate Lifted

    April 4-8 No School Spring Break

    April 13 District Wide Collaboration HLC releases at 12:45 PM


    Message from Principal Griebel

    COVID response

    Beginning March 21, the state is lifting the indoor mask mandate, including for schools.  Local health departments can make decisions for schools to return to masking based on COVID case counts.  Students CAN choose to continue to mask and it is expected that all students will be respectful of one another and what they choose.

    Additionally, we are expecting our state school superintendent to release updated COVID guidelines soon.  Until we have more information, current safety guidelines are in place:


    Harbor Junior Senior High continues to have people at school who test positive for COVID. It is required to keep students home from school when they are sick.  Any student getting sick at school will be sent home.  Students MUST follow the safety protocols at school which include wearing a mask (over nose and mouth) at all times when inside the building.  Additionally, no more than two students at a time are allowed in the restrooms. It is required for students to use hand sanitizer before going through the breakfast and lunch line.  Remember, sharing is NOT caring.  If you care, don’t share.  Remind your students to NEVER share food, drink, or other items with other students.   Stay safe!


    YONDRS Update!  

    Our district rolled out a new cell phone policy at all our secondary schools.  We are a student cell phone free zone now.  Students are expected to put their phones in a Yondr pouch or not have their phone at school.   Each student was issued their own Yondr pouch to secure their cell phone during the school day. There is a $10 replacement fee/charge if a student loses or damages their pouch.  Our students are doing a great job of keeping their phones put away.





    Student Led Conferences

    Secondary Student Led Conferences at Harbor Learning Center, Aberdeen High School, and Miller Junior High are coming on March 14 and 15.  There is NO SCHOOL for grades 6-12  on those days.  Students will have a conference with their advisory teacher on either Monday or Tuesday.  Advisory teachers will reach out to families to schedule a conference.  We are currently planning to have these conferences in person/at school.  If you would rather have a ZOOM conference instead, please let your advisory teacher know.


    Message from our PBIS Team                                                                                       

    Harbor Junior Senior High is a “choice” school.  This small school environment provides opportunities for students to learn in a self paced personalized environment.  If motivated, students can take advantage of this contract-based learning and self pacing to retrieve high school credits or even work ahead!   It is imperative that our school culture promotes learning and be free of distractions.  We appreciate how our students come here to learn in a safe and supportive environment.


    Before and After School Program Update

    Your student can still join our Before and After School Program.  Students can enter school at 7:00 AM to access academic support in the student center/cafeteria with a staff member.  We also have OPEN GYM on Wednesdays at 700 AM.  We still average twelve students a day in our After School portion.  Students after school get a snack and dinner. Students in the before or after school program still need to follow school expectations and staff directions.  Join us for supervised fun!


    GED and OPEN Doors continue to thrive

    COVID and the disruption to in person learning impacted students EVERYWHERE, including here in the Harbor.  Is your student between the ages of 16 - 21 and behind in high school credits?  They might be eligible for our Open Doors school. We support students to take and complete the four GED tests!  Over 40 students have enrolled in this program with more applying.  Nine students completed their GED so far. Since this option became available, some of our in person Harbor High school students transferred into Open Doors since the “in person” time is less, and they can finish more quickly. It is a great opportunity for many students. Our GED Case Manager will be taking some time off this spring, but we do have a substitute filling in. Thanks in advance for your patience while Nancy is out!


    Grays Harbor Academy Information

    Our school hosts our district’s online school, Grays Harbor Academy.  We have over 110 students K-12 enrolled in this on-line option.  Sometimes our Harbor Junior Senior High students are interested in switching to our online school.  It is important to talk to our principal or school counselor before considering this change. We contract with an online school, Edgenuity.  This online option is very different from the distance learning offered in the 2020-2021 school year or during our temporary switch to distance learning in January.  It is an ONLINE school with ONLINE teachers and the expectations are VERY HIGH!  It works well with students who are self motivated, self starters, and love working on a computer for over 5 hours a day.


    Are you already enrolled in Grays Harbor Academy?  We are making plans for support for next year and need to know how many families will continue to learn on line.  Please respond to the survey link shared by Darby Carroll! 




    To access the Family Portal, request access from one of your student’s teachers by providing your STUDENT’S FIRST AND LAST NAME, YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME, AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. You will then receive an email with a LINK to the portal, and another with a randomly generated access code. Click the LINK, then enter the ACCESS CODE and your EMAIL ADDRESS, and create a PASSWORD.

    After initial setup, you can log in with your email address and password at any time to review your student’s progress.





    With the addition of more staff to support our students, we have changed some of the tasks/ responsibilities. We hope this helps direct you to the correct contact. As always, anyone can point you in the right direction.

    Who to contact

    Darby Carroll Online Support Teacher


    360-538-2180   EXT 3325

    360-581-1154 Cell


    Parent meetings/communication

    Student learning plans

    Weekly check-ins

    Monthly progress reports


    Cordell Trusty Online Support Teacher


    360-538-2180 EXT 3305

    Student help sessions

    Maintain spreadsheet of classes/teachers

    Student outreach

    Edgenuity outreach

    Senior outreach for HSBP

    Kasi Turner Counselor




    Graduation plans

    Emma Wimberley MTSS Assistant


    360-538-2180 EXT 3303

    Computer check-outs

    Student help sessions

    Printing for parents

    Workbook disbursement

    Tech troubleshooting

    Special Education Teachers

    Kris Bitar kbitar@asd5.org

    Linda Hayes  lhayes@asd5.org





    HIV Prevention Information

    In response to the threat of HIV to our population, the 1988 Washington State Legislature mandated that a program of prevention education be presented yearly to students beginning with the fifth grade.The Aberdeen School District has adopted an appropriate program for HIV prevention and sexual health education with the advice of educators, parents and community members. Beginning this year, the district will be using the FLASH curriculum to be used in grades 4 through 12 for HIV prevention and sexual health education.  A meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Stewart Building, 900 Cleveland St., to furnish parents an opportunity to preview the  HIV prevention education program. All student instructional materials will be available for your inspection. This will also enable you and your child to have some meaningful family discussions both before and after the classroom presentation.  Following a preview of the materials, parents who wish to have their child excused from participation in the HIV prevention program will sign a release form. State Law provides that a parent or guardian must attend such a meeting before they can have their child or legal ward excused from participation in the HIV prevention program.


    HLC Main Office

    The HLC Office is open Monday- Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.   Please ring the doorbell and wait for service from our office staff.  Due to some leaking windows, our current service window is sometimes unavailable.  Thanks for being flexible as our office undergoes a temporary relocation so the repairs to the windows and walls can be made.  Coming to our school? Please wear a mask.  You can also call the main office at (360) 538-2180.  A secure drop box is available for after hours drop off of materials.

    The office is closed during school holidays and all other days there is “no school.”




    The Aberdeen School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination:Christi Sayers, Title IX Coordinator and Civil rights C