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    Welcome to the Technology Department in the Aberdeen School District - where supporting student achievement through the use of technology comes first. We support information technology throughout the District in a variety of ways including device repair, software support - installation - management, network management, Internet access, technology integration assistance, e-mail & communications, telephones and other vital systems of the Aberdeen School District.

    NEED Student Tech Support?
    If you are a Student, or Parent/Guardian of a Student and are having issues with your school issued device, please contact your students school for assistance. Student device support is handled by each schoools LRC. 
    ASD5 Staff Technology Support
    Issues with Devices and other Technology
    If you are having issues with your technology please submit a technology ticket. Your issue will be addressed as soon as possible. Please refrain from emailing technology staff directly, as this may result in delays in getting the issue resolved. In recent years to accomdate the everchanging landscape of technology use in Covid times, we've been far more relaxed about using the ticket system. However, as we move forward we need to get back to relying upon the ticket system for all technology request to better support the operations of the District. 
    • laptop, document camera, classroom systems
    • software, browser, website issues
    • phone access
    Issues with Student Devices
    If you are having issues with student devices please report these to your building LRC. They may be able to provide a solution, and/or can escalate the issue to the Techonlogy department when needed.
    Issues with User Accounts (Network/AD Account, ASD5 Gmail Account, Other System Accounts)
    If you are having issues with accounts, there might be several course of action:
    • If you are unable to access your staff network/ad account or gmail, report to your buidling secretary/administrator to send a request to Technology using techrequest@asd5.org.
    • If you still have access to your account on one device, but can't sign in on others, please send an email to techrequest@asd5.org to have your account reset. A confirmation email will be sent with further instruction. You may need to send another reply confirmation to complete the process. 
    • The techrequest@asd5.org is only to be used for "account" related issues. Normal tech issues need to submitted using the ticket system.

    Issues with Web Filter
    If you are having issues accessing a specific website and are seeing a block or no connection page as a result of the District Filter

    • Please submit a tech ticket with the specific site and its intended use/need
    • Your request will be reviewed as soon as possible and you get a follow up email on any determination/changes made
    • Please be aware that terms of use, privacy policy, content and other informtion is reviewed for these types of requests, as a result it can take some time for a determination to be made

    Issues with Canvas LMS
    Your best resources for issues with Canvas LMS will be reaching out to your Canvas Super User. Canvas Super Users can answer most of the common issues that new users will come across when using Canvas. If the issue cannot be resolved, there are multiple options for additional support:

    • Inside of Canvas you have access to 24/7 support, click on the HELP option (bottom left), use the Chat with Canvas Support or Canvas Support Hotline.
    • Alternatively, in some cases depending on the issue it might be best to reach out to the technology department. In this scenario, please submit a tech ticket and provide as much info as you can on your issue.

    Issues with Skyward
    If you are having issues with skyward please submit a tech ticket for non-urgent issues. For more immediate needs please call or email Debb Bergen at 360-538-2235, dbergen@asd5.org or Julie McKay at 360-538-2234, jmckay@asd5.org. 

    • If you are locked out of skyward, you can use the "forgot password" link to reset your skyward password.
    • If you need additional rights or access, please contact your Administrator as they will need to submit a request for such changes.

    Staff Device Pickup and Dropoff
    There may be some scenarios where you need to pickup and/or drop off technology. Please do not come to the Stewart Building without an appointment time, as there are many times that staff will not be at the buiding to assist, as they are out working on projects or other issues throughout the district. 

    • To schedule a time to pickup or dropoff technology equipment please email techrequest@asd5.org
    • In most cases, if you are picking up new equipment, technology staff will email you to setup a time.

    New or Additional Equipment Requests
    If you need additional technology equipment, please talk to your administrator for such requests. Adminstators please submit a tech ticket for new or additional technology needs.

    • Please be aware new equipment requests will require additional approval, budget codes and other verifications
    • Depending on the cost/scope, request for quotes and other postings may be required
    • In most cases new equipement cannot be acquired within short time frames (Additionally, current supply, demand and other factors highly affect technology availability)


    Department Office Hours
    7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    Monday - Friday

    900 Cleveland
    Aberdeen, WA 98520
    (360) 538 2035


    Department Contact Information
    Traci Sandstrom, Director of Technology and Director of Teaching and Learning
    (360) 538-2123
    Matt Mahon, Technology Team Lead
    (360) 538-2035
    Deborah Bergen, Software Solutions Design/Support Specialist
    (360) 538-2235
    Julie McKay, Software Support Specialist
    (360) 538-2234
    Wade Bruffett, Technology/Network Support Technician
    (360) 538-2027
    Carl Howard, Technology Support Technician
    (360) 538-2087 
    Joey Singharath, Technology Support Technician
    (360) 538-2088
Last Modified on December 16, 2021