Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Haley Adair

Hello everybody!

My name is Haley Adair and this is my first year at Aberdeen High School. I Coordinate the GEAR UP Program, working closely with the Class of 2023 Cohort to get them ready for post-secondary education of any sort. Alongside Mr. Jerry Salstrom and Helene Ennor, I hope to connect with the Class of 2023 and help them pursue each of their unique goals. 

I attended Grays Harbor College and Eastern Washington University and attained a BA in Literary Studies in June 2021. I tutored writing in the Writing Center at GHC, working closely with my peers and colleagues on anything from basic Argumentative Essays, to critiquing long pieces of creative writing, to written Biology finals. During my time at EWU, I worked as an intern on the Lucy Covington Initiative, helping the lead archivist at EWU research, organize and upload data into the Lucy Covington Digital Archive. Outside of these experiences, I have over 10 years of miscellaneous customer service experience. 

In my personal time, I like to read, play Stardew Valley, listen to music (Taylor Swift, Grieves, Shawn James and a bunch more) and cuddle my cats -- Myers, Mosely, and Norman. I do love the outdoors, hiking, camping and the ocean and spent several months traveling the PNW enjoying these things when I was 19. I'm married and have no human children -- but I do love my family and spend a lot of time chilling with my brothers and parents. My friends and I enjoy live music -- looking forward to concerts starting to happen again!

I really believe that there is no such thing as a bad plan. I didn't go straight to college after high school, and that gave me the opportunity to experience so many things in life that may have otherwise passed me by. On the other hand, getting in and getting started is a great way to fast track earnings and career fulfillment. No matter what we love to do, there is a way for us to capitalize on that! I hope my program and my time with these students shows them the immense amount of possibilities out there for them, and I look forward to meeting everyone this year!