• Welcome to Harbor Junior/Senior High!

    This school is a choice school.  This small school environment provides opportunities for students to learn in a self paced personalized environment.  If motivated, students can take advantage of this contract-based learning and self pacing to retrieve high school credits or even work ahead!  

    Students accepted into our school commit to these school expectations:  

    ✔ Focus on my school plan. Meet with my advisory teacher daily and attend school  regularly. 

    ✔ Help make Harbor Junior Senior High a safe place for everyone. 

    ✔ Solve problems in a responsible non-confrontive manner, speaking with respect and kindness. 

    ✔ Help others achieve and ask for help when needed. 

    Follow the school expectations! 


    • Treat all students, staff, and visitors with respect
    • Follow teacher, school and district cell phone expectations
    • Attend all classes and get there on time
    • Make academic progress in ALL of your classes
    • Follow the closed campus expectations.  Students leaving campus during the school day MUST check out through the main office.  If under the age of 18, a student must have parent/guardian permission to leave school
    • If parking on campus, a student must follow our school district parking expectations 
    • Follow the ever changing COVID expectations including wearing a mask correctly when indoors AND no more than 2 students at a time in a restroom.
    • Treat our school facility with respect and report things that need to be repaired.
    • Use school appropriate language at all times
    • Follow our district’s Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy

    If students can not follow the school expectations, the following will occur:

    • Attendance Interventions and Truancy Petitions
    • Parent/Guardian contact by student’s teachers
    • Parent/Guardian contact by principal and/or counselor
    • School discipline such as restorative practices, suspensions or expulsions
    • Withdrawn from Harbor Junior Senior High and re enrolled in “home” school

    When students are suspended or emergency expelled, the enrollment IS reconsidered and students could be withdrawn from Harbor Jr Sr High and expected to:

    1. Enroll in their homeschool  (out of district students who enrolled with a choice form would have their choice placement revoked)
    2. Enroll in one of the other programs offered at the Harbor Learning Center like the Open Doors/GED program or Grays Harbor Academy OnLine School