I have been teaching at Harbor High teaming with the Snug Harbor Childcare Director and our Family Service Worker to facilitate the GRADS teen parent program for the past 30 years. I also teach Family Health, Child & Parent Development, Nutrition & Wellness, and Consumer & Family Resources and Interior & Housing Design.  Our program is under the umbrella of Career and Technical  Education.  I love working here and wouldn't want a job anyplace else!  I feel we truly make a difference in students' lives here at Harbor High and are committed to going the extra mile for all our students.


    Office Hours: 8:10-10:13 am & 12:47-2:45 pm Wednesdays

    email: kfrost@asd5.org.   

    Below is a list of links you can use to access different information through the Aberdeen School District.  They include links to the district website, school website, school yearly calendar, school weekly calendar, and the school newsletter. THE FIRST LINK IS TO JOIN ZOOM MEETINGS FOR MY CLASSES.


    ASD Link

    Harbor High Link

    School Yearly Calendar

    School Weekly Calendar: Coming Soon!

    School Newsletter


    These are definitely strange times we are going through currently and I would invite my students and/or their family members to e-mail me at kfrost@asd5.org for any questions. Also, check out the links above for other information.
    So long for today and I look forward to teaching all my students this year!
    Keelee Frost