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    Family & Consumer Science Instructor & 

    GRADS Teen Parenting Instructor & Advisor 

    Email: kfrost@asd5.org Phone: 360-538-2180

    Update: April 13th, 2020
    I hope you all had a wonderful, safe, spring break.
    Here is my schedule on Mondays starting April 13th. 
    1st 8:00-8:45
    2nd 9:00-9:45
    3rd 10:00-10:30
    4th 10:30 -11:15
    5th 12:00-12:45
    6th 1:00-1:45. 
    Students can access this through Zoom.us at this time.  We are a work in progress!  Things may, and probably will, be changing again and we will keep you updated as best as we can!
    Take care and stay healthy,
    Update: March 30th, 2020
    Hello Everyone!
    This week's schedule is Monday, March 30th through Thursday, April 2nd from 8-3.  These are the times I will be at my desk at home working on my computer reaching out to students, putting assignments on Google Classroom and keeping my fingers crossed you are all being reached!  Next week is spring break and when we come back on Monday, April 13th we will begin having live classes during your regularly scheduled class times via the Zoom app.  It might be a good idea to download this now on your device and experiment with it with friends and family.  It's a great tool. Also, you can get in touch with me through my e-mail kfrost@asd5.org or text me at 3605803231.  
    Looking forward to hearing from all of you!
    I have been teaching at Harbor High teaming with the Snug Harbor Childcare Director and our Family Service Worker to facilitate the GRADS teen parent program for the past 29 years. I also teach Family Health, Child & Parent Development, Nutrition & Wellness, and Consumer & Family Resources. Our program is under the umbrella of Career and Technical  Education.  I love working here and wouldn't want a job anyplace else!  I feel we truly make a difference in students' lives here at Harbor High and are committed to going the extra mile for all our students.
    These are definitely strange times we are going through currently and I would invite my students and/or their family members to e-mail me at kfrost@asd5.org for any questions. Beginning Monday, March 23rd I will be checking e-mail three times daily Monday through Thursday.  I will also be sending group advisory e-mails daily on these days and posting on Google Classroom.  I encourage individuals to check the Harbor High portion of the ASD5 website.  Derek has some excellent information he has posted.  Also, check www.asd5.org for additional information pertaining to the entire district.
    So long for today and I look forward to reaching out to my students this coming week!
    Keelee Frost