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    Jan Gravley

    Homeroom: Room 15


    Hello Everyone!!

     I consider it a privilege to teach at Harbor High School. I love connecting with our students and watching them grow as students and as people. I teach Career Choices, Laser Tech, Digital Communications, and finally Portfolio which is the class that includes completing the graduation requirements for the required High School and Beyond Plan. I also do class scheduling and track progress toward graduation for our students.

     Personally, I grew up in Oklahoma and love my family, football, and real barbecue! I also enjoy solving puzzles, reading a good mystery, and my cat Bullet. I will be happy to answer questions and help you as I can.

     To my students:

     We are certainly living through an unusual time. I want each of you to know that I care about you and your family and want you to take care of yourself and stay safe. I also want you to know you can progress toward your goal of graduation by making progress in each of your classes.

     If you have not checked your school district email, please do so immediately. You have been invited to join my class through google classroom. I will be emailing you individually as you join. Please send me an email letting me know you are able to communicate in that way.


    On Monday, April 13, we will begin a new school schedule designed to support our new on-line school model.

     CHECK YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT EMAIL FREQUENTLY. I will be posting in Google Classroom, inviting you to Zoom Meetings, and connecting through Google Hangouts.



     8:00-8:45         1st Period – All Classes

    9:00-9:45         2nd Period – All Classes

    10:30-11:15     4th Period – All Classes

    12:00-12:45     5th Period – All Classes

     Tuesday – Thursday

     All students may contact reach me at any of the following times no matter which class period you are enrolled in.

     8:00-10:00       Available through email for support/new assignments/etc.

     10:30-11:30     Available through email for support/new assignments/etc.

     12:00-1:00       Available through email for support/new assignments/etc.

     Please Remember: