Together We Stand Strong

    Katie Hirschfeld   English Language
    Email: khirschfeld@asd5.org   360-538-2180
    April 13, 2020

    We are going live on Monday, April 13th! To do this you will need to download the Zoom App on your phone or device.   

    Zoom is the Thing...

    Our Zoom Meeting schedule will be on Mondays only.  Other questions and concerns will be addressed as needed  via Google Classroom, Emails or texting or phone calls.  

    If you need something, let someone know.

    Katie’s Zoom Meeting Schedule:

    8:00 1st Period

    9:00 2nd Period

    10:00 3rd Period

    10:30 4th Period

    1:00 6th Period

    2:00 7th Period

    Thank you for being so flexible and willing to try new things during this time of weirdness.  Together we will get through this better and stronger than ever.  Dragons Rule!!!