• 8th Grade Science

    Teacher: Mrs. Holt        

    ( Temporarily : Room 201/ Stevens Site)

    (Room 122/ MJH)       



    Let's have a great year!


     Welcome! This is my 23rd year as a teacher at MJH.   This upcoming school year I will have the pleasure of teaching 8th grade Science/STEM.  Half of the 8th grade class will be relocated at the Stevens School site until the 6th grade portables at Miller are ready for student occupancy.  If your student has the team teachers of Holt, Carle, Tageant & Mr. Harless your student will be taking their core classes at the Stevens site.  The success of each and every one of my students is extremely important.  Please feel free to email, or contact me with any concerns or questions that you might have regarding student success in science. We will have an amazing year!