Degrees and Certifications:

Megan Orosz

Hello, I am Megan Orosz.  Some of you may also know me as Megan Cox. This is my fifteenth year teaching at Miller Junior High.  Many eons ago, when I first attended college, I was unsure what it was that I wanted to "become". I took all the aptitude tests and instead of helping me determine what it was I should do, it confused me even more. They showed that I was interested in everything and capable to do whatever I was interested in. I took a wide variety of classes with foreign languages and education as reoccurring themes. I had vague dreams of traveling around the world, teaching English or interpreting. I attended four years but didn’t quite finish. Afterwards, my time became occupied with making a living and raising a family. It seemed out of the realm of possibilities that I might ever return to college.


I was very fortunate to get the opportunity when I moved to Aberdeen. Living close to a community college which collaborated with a four year college allowed me to finally finish my degree and begin teaching. Since then, I have taught language arts, history, English as a second language, reading, Spanish, cultural explorations, and even physical education. This year I am excited to welcome the 6th graders and to be teaching all English learner classes.

Megan Orosz