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    Grading for Trimester 3

    Monday Virtual Class Schedule

    1st 8:10-9:15

    2nd 9:20-10:21

    3rd 10:26-11:27 

    4th 11:32-12:33


    6th 1:44-2:45

    Stacy Swinhart
    E-mail: sswinhart@asd5.org
     Swinhart   Harrison

    Google Classrooms and No Red Ink login codes are listed below for each class period.

    Google Classroom 1st period 5kio63v      No Red Ink  striped balloon 71

    Google Classroom 2nd period c6lzoh     No Red Ink   roasted pancake 92
    Google Classroom 4th period l3wqyi6      No Red Ink open wind 42

    Google Classroom 6th period luzjbp2      No Red Ink unknown tree 93

    Word of the Day - Build Your Vocabulary

     Dictionary.com is a great place to hone your vocabulary skills, find a game, etc.