1. School closure band resources, Mrs. Koski

    I miss all of my students and making music together! I hope that everyone is well! I've put together a few resources for my band students to keep their playing and musical brains strong during our school closure. Please note the none of this is graded. Some programs require that I set a point value to be able to use them.

    All of the instructions for logging into these resources are available in Google Classroom. The AJ West code is bkl7qpe.

    When you are in Google Classroom you need to scroll to find the instructions and links to Breezin Thru Theory and Smartmusic.

    Breezin Thru Theory will start with a review and then move on to new concepts. It records your progress and sends me the information about how many levels you have passed and the % of correct responses.

    Smartmusic allows me to make assignments that you can record. It will send the recording to me so that I can hear how you are doing. You can also click on Method books and find Accent on Achievement. You can choose any of the lines and play with the accompaniment. I think that you can also record the lines.