• Welcome to Sixth Grade!

    Welcome to Room 18, 6th grade!                                          

    Sixth grade is an exciting time. I am very excited to be looking forward to a new year.

    My tentative plan is to give each child:

    Colored pencils, pencils, whiteboard pens, eraser caps, pencil sharpener, pencil box, pink eraser, sticky notes, ink pens, 2 spiral notebooks and a science notebook.


    Supplies always available in the class:

    Markers, glue, tape, ruler, scissors, pencils, calculators, protractor, compass, crayons, rubber bands, folders, 1” binders, erasers, paper clips, spiral notebooks, Kleenex, hand sanitizer and lined paper


    The only things I am asking each student to bring are a set of in-ear headphones, 2-3 large boxes of Kleenex and disinfectant wipes.



    PLEASE NO BINDERS…we don’t have room for them