• AHS Cafeteria
    FREE Breakfast and lunch for ALL students at AHS
    Please remember to complete your Income Survey for the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). Your participation is essential in order for your school to receive critical state funding for education programs.
    The AHS Cafeteria strives to offer students a wide variety of offerings on a daily basis. The staff provides both breakfast and lunch to students and staff at Aberdeen High School, as well as catering to the many district meetings which occur at AHS throughout the school year.
    Students may deposit money into a lunch account, and use it as a charge account while there is money in that account. The cafeteria does not allow students to charge for lunches if their balance shows no money in it. Please check with the cashier on a regular basis to know how much is in your account.
    Click on the link below for a monthly menu...menus are subject to change for a variety of reasons.



    December Menu

Last Modified on December 3, 2021