• The Sophomore Year
    Sophomore Counselor-Andrew Gwinn
    You are now an experienced veteran at Aberdeen High School. No doubt you know your way around, can identify many of the staff that work here, and are pretty familiar with what you can and can't do at school. The Freshman year is behind you, and this is a big and important year ahead of you. This is a year to start making choices that will set the stage for graduation. This is a year to assess what you have learned through the HSPE, and other tests you will take. This is the year to get over that first year nervousness, and start taking advantage of the many clubs, activities, or sports teams we have to offer. This is the year where you can begin to make up for past mistakes by enrolling in APEX Online courses, or attending the after school program.
    In short...this is a REALLY, REALLY, BIG year as you look down the road towards graduation. It may seem like a long way off, but if you do this year right, you will have so many different options available to you...stumble this year and you will have fewer options. So let's work together and make this a great year...remember, the race isn't won at the end...it is what you do early on that will put you on the victory stand.