• Welcome To AHS Freshmen!!

    Mr. Gwinn: A-H

    Ms. Madison: I-Q

    Mrs. Grannemann: R-Z

    Freshman Parent meeting presentation 2023


    So...a new school...new faces...new opportunities...and more than likely you are feeling a little stressed about that. If you are, you are not alone. Lots of other freshmen are feeling the same way you are...you are not alone! It is natural. After all, you are starting in a new school, where you go from being one of the older students to being one of the younger students. You probably don't know what to expect about how much, or how challenging the schoolwork may be. You may worry that you won't find a group to fit in with...maybe just reading this will cause you to breathe rapidly and break into a cold sweat!!!
    You are about to start a great and adventurous journey. High school is a time to begin transitioning towards becoming a young adult. From one who depends upon others, to one who is independent. In four short years, you will move from adolescence into adulthood. Along the way, you will be exposed to new ways of thinking, challenged with newer and complex problems, and exposed to a lot of different experiences. Really, the only thing you have to do...is show up, and take advantage of what we are offering you.
    Here are some common questions that freshmen often have:
    1.  Is the workload harder?
    Short answer....yes. You will be challenged right out of the gate. We are building on what you have already learned, and extending your knowledge. You may find you have more work to do or that it's more challenging. But embrace that...by taking on a challenge, and mastering it, we become stronger, smarter, and better than if we hadn't. It is how we grow!
    2.  What help is available for me?
    Academically: all of your teachers keep time set aside in the day for extra help...either before or after school, and certainly during Cats Connection. Take advantage of that. We also offer after school tutoring and help available. These are there for your benefit, but it is also up to you to take advantage of that help.
    Socially: we have a variety of clubs and organizations that you can belong to. These are full of others who have the same interests as you and can be the first step in making new friends. Become a part of something, and watch your social circle expand!!
    Emotionally: we understand that there are occasionally tough times that happen in our lives. If you feel those issues are getting overwhelming, find someone to talk to. If friends or parents aren't enough, we have school counselors, teachers, administrators and staff that are available to help you. Just because you are expected to be more independent, does not mean you have to face these challenges alone.
    3.  What is available outside the classroom?
    We have 17 sport programs. We have a highly acclaimed music program. We have numerous clubs and organizations. We have leadership opportunities. You will find almost anything you are interested in, others here are too. The only thing you have to do is make the decision to get involved. It is NOT lame to take pride in yourself, or your school. Aberdeen High School is one of the oldest high schools in the state...and has over a century of tradition behind it. We have had some pretty successful people graduate from here. And we want you to be added to that list. Be a part of things...make your mark....and leave some big footsteps for others to follow.
    So....here you are...your journey through life isn't beginning...it is just about to get really interesting!! You may stumble a little at first, but stick with it!! We will get you through if you give us an effort...we will work to challenge you, but also help you learn how to meet those challenges. Commit to making the next four years of school mean something...and you will succeed.
    Welcome to Aberdeen High School!! We are glad you are here!!