School Supply List*


    Good quality 3-ring binder: one 3” binder or two 2” binders

    Tabbed subject dividers (6)

    Zipper pouch to store supplies

    Pens - black or blue (2 or more)


    College-rule notebook paper

    Composition book (100 sheets)

    3-pronged folder with pockets (report folder)

    Calculator for home use (all chromebooks have a calculator at school)



    Please see someone in the office if you need assistance getting any of these items!)

    Suggested Supplies:
    Post it notes (3x3)
    3 colors of highlighters
    12 pack of colored pencils

    PE Supply list:

    PE shirts and shorts purchased at orientation
    Athletic shoes that tie
    No backless shoes, slip on shoes, or shoes with laces on the inside
    Deodorant: roll on or stick. (NO SPRAYS)
    Socks (two pair)
    Sweatshirt WITHOUT POCKETS for chilly days (can be hooded).
    *The school will provide supplies for any student who is unable to purchase them.  Please speak to your counselor or to the counseling secretary for more information.