• Welcome to Your iPad

    The information on the left hand side of this web page is to assist you in learning to use the iPad effectively.  The staff at Miller believe in using the iPad and we are all here to help you become responsible digital citizens.
    Education is your ticket to your dreams.  However, nobody is going to hand it to you, you will have to commit to working hard, studying a lot and makes hard choices about friends, activities and what is important to you. Every one of you can do it!

    We at Miller are committed to helping each of you be successful and you have a choice whether you want to be part of what school can offer.  It means making choices about RESPONSIBILITY...to yourself, family, friends, school & community.  It means making choices about RESPECT...to yourself, family, friends, school, & community.  It means making choices about being SAFE... to yourself, friends, family, school, & community

    The Miller staff will do whatever it takes to help you find your way!