• Welcome to 2019-2020 Student Led Conferences!

     Our conferences are scheduled the same days as Aberdeen High School.
    Fall Conferences: October
    Winter Conference: January
    Spring Conferences: March 9 and 10
     There are NO CLASSES scheduled on these days.
    The Fall and Winter Conferences are "Invite" conferences.  Specific students and families will be invited to attend these important conferences.  The Spring Conferences are for all students.  This is an excellent time to visit your school and meet the teachers.   Prior to conferences, we asked you to make your three top choices for a conference time. For your convenience, we arranged the schedule with those options in mind; however, it is not always possible to give you your first choice. Selections for your conference were made ​by order of arrival of requests, and it was important for your student to return your choices to their advisory teacher. Your student then brought a confirmation slip home from his or her advisory teacher displaying your scheduled conference time. Please remember to be on time, so that we are able to honor each of our parents and students! There are 20-minute sessions after each talk, which allow you to visit other teachers whom you may like to speak with and remember our staff takes a teacher dinner break.
    If you have any questions, please call the counseling office at 538-2100.
    Agenda for Student Led Conferences
    1. Check in at Student Center Table -
    2. Go pick up chromebook.
    3. Attend Student Led Conferences.
    4. Drop in on teachers who are available, please note the teacher breaks for dinner above.
    6. Return chromebook to 6th Period teacher
    7. Thank-you for attending conferences 
    8. Attention Parents/Guardians:  If you did not have an opportunity to meet with a teacher about your child's performance, please let the teacher or office know so arrangements  can be made for an appointment with the teacher.