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  • Dec. 8, 2022

    Posted by Joan Hoehn on 5/31/2023


    President Samantha Yakovich

    Vice President Shauna Stead (absent)

    Treasurer Joseph Butler

    Secretary Joseph Hill (absent)


    Joan Hoehn

    Marni Butler

    Old Business

    • Samantha review previous minutes, Approved.

    New Business

    • Snacks drinks teacher snack bar budget. $100 Marni motioned; Joseph seconded. Passed

    • Purchase prizes for school bingo. $250 Joseph motioned; Marni seconded. Passed

    • $10 per staff for the ” December Staff get together ”. Joseph motioned; Marni seconded. Passed but need to figure out how to pay / reimburse.

    • Treasurer reported Current Total Dec 8  $20,448.55


    PTO next meeting January 12 

    Meeting Adjured at 19:46

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  • PTO Minutes March 15, 2022

    Posted by Joan Hoehn on 3/18/2022

    March 15, 2022 

    Members in attendance: Principal Joan Hoehn, VP Shauna Stead, Treasure Lisa Shell, and Auction coordinator Samantha Yakovich. 

    Motion to accept old minutes from prior meeting: will move to accept old minutes at our next board meeting April 12,2022 in person at central Park school. 

    Officer Reports:  


    • President Anna Hallberg-Fisher announces her resignation as president of Central Park PTO. Motion to accept from Lisa Shell to accept, 2nd by Shauna Stead. 


    • Motion by Lisa Shell to appoint current Vice President Shauna Stead to interim president until vote can take place for new officers for the upcoming school year.  Motion passed Shauna is now president of Central Park PTO 


    • PTO Account-$17,819.31 

    Auction Committee Report: 

    • In need of volunteers for the day of auction happening April 30, 2022. Will need help with set up of auction the day of, working the door checking people in and out, closing silent auction tables, walking the floor selling tickets during auction, and clean up. Going to send a newsletter home asking for parent volunteers from each class. Principle Joan Hoehn will collect auction baskets each class is putting together. Teachers also accepted the need of providing desserts for the desert table at auction. 
    • Need 2 more squares for auction 

    Communication bills: 

    • The Missoula Children’s theater production is happening April 12-16th 
    • A bus will transport kids from Central Park School to Aberdeen High School on Friday April 15,2022 
    • VRBO cost of 171.70 for deposit for room and board of Missoula Children’s theater production. 
    • Mrs. Balls 5th grade class would like funds to support graduation celebration. Will follow up next meeting.  
    • Staff appreciation in MAY. Getting a head count of our school district employees to celebrate their contribution to the kids of Central Park School. 
    • If parents would like to volunteer, they can pick up background check form from the school office. 

    Meeting closed at 7:30 Next meeting at Central Park School April 12, 2022, at 6:00 pm  




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  • September 9, 2019

    Posted by John Crabb on 9/16/2019

    PTO MEETING  09/09/2019

      6:00 PM / ROOM staff


    Pres. Anna Hallberg-Fisher, VP Heather Atwood, Secretary Terri Waite, Treasurer Lisa Shell, Mr. Crabb, Jennifer Gilley, Kerry Tadique, Lindsay Mattoon


    Last Meeting Follow-up

    Assemblies hosted by PTO this year

    • Missoula Children’s Theatre  This was Confirmed but no date yet, will be in spring
      1. GG Harbor will pay the fee for Missoula if we pay for room and board- we voted YES!
    • Planetarium
      1. emailed Mobile Ed Productions for opportunity/cost info
      2. dates 95available are January 6th, April 4th or 5th, June 1st for $995.
      3. Crabb would prefer we not do this one as the school gym space would be fully occupied which disrupts the school schedule
    • Mr. Crabb prefers to not do this one as it would tie up the cafeteria/gym space for a whole day.Pacific Science Center – Science on Wheels-
      1. Blood and Guts program coming! Date set for NOVEMBER 18TH, will need volunteers!
      2. Cost is ~$1350, huge discount for having in November and Title I school (normal cost is ~$2600)

    Spirit wear

    • D4 has setup online store.
      • We can start purchasing now.
      • Store closes for orders 10/13/19.
      • Each item sold will provide $1 to PTO.
      • Offer financial assistance to for spirit T-shirt to those who ask.
      • Choose what should be offered in the store through catalogue.
        • We chose T shirts, ¼ zip, hooded sweatshirts, Jackets and hats


    • Need check written for invoice(Jacknut) 33 shirts = $380.79, for teachers and staff gift


    Papa Murphy’s Fundraiser

    • Post class tallies on the PTO bulletin board, on Facebook every week
    • Purchase more cards as needed
    • Top class gets pizza party on Halloween, top individual gets banana split with Mr. Crabb, raffle prizes for each class will be drawn for each participant


    New Business

    ●      Teachers requesting the PTO to pay for Renaissance Star Reading Assessment Program- Grades K-3

    ○      We Voted Yes to pay $572

    ○      This helps to identify students’ reading level for AR program


    • Family Bingo October 11th, 6pm-8pm
      1. Discussed having a theme? Glow in the dark? Voted NO, no theme necessary. Glow items not allowed in the school.
      2. Need volunteers for the kitchen- working on getting High school kids!
      3. Need to purchase prizes- Anna HF will be ordering items.
      4. Who to contact at Dominos for Pizza? How much to order? Going to order 10 pizzas asking for at least 5 to be donated will purchase 5


    • Craft Night/Bazaar
      1. Will have Wreaths again this year as well as 3-5 crafts
      2. Need to set up vendors- Have a limit of vendors we can fit, considering we will be sharing the night, can put vendors in hall. So maybe 10 total.
      3. Decide on crafts and supplies that are needed.- Terri will take of this as she has totes with craft items


    Call about Pizzas(bingo Night)

    Order Prizes(Bingo)

    Tally up Pizza card sales, Establish Winner (Who will Facilitate Pizzas for Party(winner)



    Fall Fundraiser update

    Spiritwear update

    Volunteers for November 18th Blood and Guts program needed



    Start thinking about Auction in March



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  • August 19, 2019

    Posted by John Crabb on 8/23/2019

    Central Park PTO 08/19/2019

    6:00 PM / Staff Room


    Mr. Crabb, Terri Waite, Anna Hallberg-Fisher, Lisa Shell, Heather Atwood, Kala Winters and Ms. Henderson


    Last Meeting Follow-up

    1. Spoke about covered area for playground, need to speak with Mike Pauley and have him find out all the legalities.
    2. 2 banks have responded about donating to the purchase of new sign Twin star said, “not in budget this year “ and GNwest said, they would consider donating part of it. Still waiting on other banks. 
    3. Open house will have a table set up on the 26th. We will serve Popsicles and give out flyers introducing board members. We will be selling Papa Murphy cards at this time also, ordered 400 cards for fall fundraiser.

    New Business

    • As of July our account balance is ~$24,350 
    • Voted to pay invoice for Kindergarten field trip last June
    • Each Teacher will be reimbust $250 for 2019-2020 school year.  Total budget $2,250.00 for 10 Teachers 
    • At the start of school Papa Murphy cards will be sent out. Each child is asked to sell at least one @ $5.00 each.  Profit of $4/card. We Ordered 400 total. Last day to sell cards will be October 11th. Highest selling classroom will get Pizza Party… highest student seller will get Banana Split Party with Mr. Crabb.
    • Ordered 2 New 50 cup coffee urns @$69.00 each
    • Discussed different Assemblies being hosted by PTO
    • May be changing Logo for shirts either using D4 or Jacknut. Getting quotes. 
    • AUCTION:  March 7th Using Log Pavilion again


    • Need sizes for all 30 staff members
    • $10 x 30 = $300 for gift to staff


    1. Order shirts for staff
    2. Order Prizes off Amazon for Bingo Night October 11th (Terri Or Anna)
    3. Continue to Post updates and Events On FBPage and updates on The FB group  
    4. Book Pavilion for Auction on March 7th (Terri will do)
    5. Get Radio Flyer again (Terri will do)
    6. Check on Bartenders (Terri will do)

    NEXT Month's   AGENDA

    Meeting Set for September 9th at 6pm

    Who will Facilitate Pizzas for Party(winner)

    Maybe ask Dominos to Donate Pizzas to sell at Bingo Night???

    Discuss Craft Night and Bazaar event. Need volunteers and vendors.


    Thank you to all who came and contributed input. We always like feedback to help us make our school the best it can be!!!   GO COUGARS!!! 

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  • September 10, 2018

    Posted by John Crabb on 9/12/2018 1:00:00 PM

    Central Park Elementary

    Home of the Cougars

    Sept 10, 2018        PTO Meeting- Staff Room 6:00pm

    Attendance:  Board Members

    Holly Reed, President                    

    Anna Stone, Vice President

    Lisa Shell, Treasure

    Terri Waite, Secretary

    John Crabb, Principal


    Parents and Teachers:

    Marnie Ranheim

    Joshua Pratt

    Amber Hatley                                       Lindsey Vargbo

    Anna Hallberg-Fisher                               Kala Winter        

    Shauna Stead John Stevens


    Old Business


      • Funding school store - Request from Marnie, board needs to make decision for donation. Board votes to approve $700 for funding school store.
      • Board approves removing Anna Stone and Kim Edwards as signers on bank account; approves adding Holly Reed, President and Lisa Shell, Treasurer as new approved account signers, along with maintaining Gerri Scott as a signer on account as well.
      • Board reviews prices from D4 and Minuteman Express for school apparel, and votes to approve new designs for apparel and vinyl non-stick car decals to be made by Minuteman Express (locally owned company).
      • Popcorn sign-up list is passed around for sign up and will be emailed out to volunteer base.
      • Mugs for teachers still at print shop for stickering.

    New Business  

      • Bylaws reviewed, board votes to add amend bylaws to include addendum Article VI. Duties and Officers, adding Sections 5 and 6.  Board votes to strike language in Article VII. Board of Directors, Section 1: ‘If more than 30 persons volunteer, ballots shall be sent home and thirty personals receiving the most votes shall serve on the Board.’
      • Board votes to approve payment to AHS Drama Club for school assembly/production later in the year, $500.  Board discusses NED assembly (yo-yo man), no cost to the school. Future assembly requests will be considered upon request.
      • Papa Murphy's Fundraiser is approved. Forms will go home, fundraiser starts Sept. 17th.
      • Pre planning for auction discussed, board votes to create a planning committee to proceed. Volunteers will be requested.
      • Family Bingo Night Oct. 5th - approx 15 volunteers needed, board approves budget of $200 for prizes
      • Family Cookies & Canvas night is discussed.
      • Any additional business


    Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm by Holly Reed, President

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  • August 13, 2018

    Posted by John Crabb on 8/15/2018

    New Business

    We spoke about having the Missoula Child Theatre and The Reptile Man to visit CP school this year.  Will look into the price and see if and when they are able to visit us.

     Open house is August 27, @6pm   PTO will be handing out ice-cream in the gym. Mr. Crabb will say a few words, introducing himself and welcoming new students and parents.

     Order form will be out to order sweat shirts and or T-shirts, Haven’t decided what company we will go with, D4 was brought up but it was decided we would shop around and get prices.  Also checking on Decals for Cars, wither vinyl –clingons or magnet.

     Parent attendee Ann Fisher said she would get prices at husbands Company in Oly.   would let us know.

     Fall fundraiser:   Papa Murphy Cards will be used. Order forms will be passed out beginning of year

     Voted on A Welcome gift for Teachers and decide with cold/hot mugs Anna Stones friends will be making these for us.   Cost is $16.00 x 25 teachers $400 (roughly).

    Meeting was ended @ 7pm with Holly Reed Thanking Everyone for coming!

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  • May 9, 2018

    Posted by Barbara Page on 5/9/2018

    The Superintendent and Business Director are coming tonight to meet with the Exec. Board after the meeting.

    17 people were in attendance.

    Barb thanked everyone for their support.

    Anna thanked everyone for coming.  

    Comcast Cares was the largest in the State of Washington.  Thanks for all your help.

    Treasurer’s Report:   Checking: about $12,000 for next year

    PTO Scholarship is awarded for $1,000 to a former student.  The winner is Jessica Vaughn.

    Sweatshirt order forms went out yesterday and today.  Orders are due on the 18th.

    Grandparents’ Day:  Library will need help on that day as well as throughout the week.

    School Store:  Need to decide if the PTO is going to support the store.  The cost is $600- $800 per year. The PTO will reimburse Marnie for all receipts she has for this year.

    Staff Appreciation at Savory Faire at 4 pm for the entire staff.  Thirteen staff members are confirmed.

    Yearbooks for 6th graders.  

    Calendar for next year.  PTO dates need to be confirmed for the District Calendar

    Board Positions for next year:  Holly Reed, President; Terri Waite, Secretary; Kim Edwards, Treasurer; Anna Stone, Vice President

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  • March 14, 2018

    Posted by Barbara Page on 3/14/2018

    Treasurers Report - PTO Laptop needs replaced. Quickbooks crashed and Kim is working to back up reconciliations. Idea was posed to use Google Drive instead.

    Popcorn - Can use same product but needs to be measured differently to meet district nutritional guidelines

    Auction – Volunteers needed to help set up starting at 9am

    Comcast Cares – Informed parents what this entails.

    March 20th Board Meeting 5pm – Parents updated on options and survey.

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  • February 7, 2018

    Posted by Barbara Page on 2/7/2018
    Swim Night is tonight from 6-8 pm at the YMCA.
    Auction is March 10th.  The PTO Board is busy working on donations.  If you have anything to donate, please bring it to the school.  Anna would like to have auction items by February 23rd.  Live auction items are needed.  Please plan to make a dessert for the auction as well as sign up for the dessert of the month.  Set for the auction will be at 11am.  Desserts can be delivered during that time or brought to school on Friday.  
    Raffle Tickets:  Tickets are $5 each.  Each student was given one ticket to hopefully sell.
    If you have not been reimbursed for classroom supplies, please talk with Barb.
    Grandparents' Day will be May 18th.  PTO is looking for people to help with the book fair on that day as well as during  the entire week.
    Anna will not be returning to PTO next year.  She stepped up and took over for the President this year.  We owe her a huge thank you for everything she has done over the years.  PTO is in need of members if it is to continue.
    PTO is excited about Comcast Cares Day.  They are willing to purchase supplies that we need in order to get more done on that day.
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  • November 8, 2017

    Posted by Barbara Page on 11/8/2017

    Bazaar Update - $740 – table rentals, $299 Bobcat Basket raffle, Kitchen $126.  minus fees = $853.30

    Craft Night December 14th – looking for craft items if anyone has items that could be donated please send to Shawn.

    Spirit Wear – New design - $30 hooded sweatshirt, $15 t-shirt . Order Forms will go out in time for shirts to be done for Christmas.

    Auction – Classroom Baskets are requested. Sign up will be in the staff room.

    Yearbook Ad – 8 graduating CP seniors this year. Approved 

    Room Moms Revisited - Teachers would like help with organizations of auction baskets, volunteers, parties etc.

    Playground – Would like PTO to pay for some painted activities on ground

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