•  What can I do at home?

    The first level of intervention is in the home. 

     Parents/Guardians ask yourself the following questions: 

    1. Do my child and I have an "open line of communication" between each other? 
    2. Does my child arrive every day, safely, on time, well rested and well nourished?
    3. Does my child have a quiet place at home to study, read, and do homework?
    4. Do I model great reading habits by encouraging 30 minutes or more of daily reading outside of the school day?
    5. Do I work on math facts with my child?
    6. Do I set short and long term goals with my child (e.g. physical, emotional, career, etc)?
    7. Do I monitor TV, video game playing, social networks, and cell/computer usage of my child?
    8. Do I organize family time to include conversation, activity time, read school information, check the web site, check online grades, communicate with the classroom teacher before problems arise, and check for completed assignments?
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