• The second level of intervention is clearly defining the role of a student.  
    Students ask yourself the following questions: 
    1. Do I maintain healthy eating and sleeping patterns?
    2. Do I come to school everyday, on time?
    3. Do I participate actively in class?
    4. Am I prepared for class?
    5. Do I take and review class notes?
    6. Do I follow directions respectfully from staff?
    7. Do I use class time wisely?
    8. Do I use technology for 24/7 learning?
    9. Do I follow school rules?
    10. Do I spend 1-2 hours on homework per night?
    11. Do I communicate with my teachers before or after school and get assistance with my questions?
    12. Do I read for 30 minutes or more daily beyond the school day?
    13. Are drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, bullying/harassment impacting my life?
    14. Do I know how to get help at home, school or in the community?
    STUDENT DOWNLOAD (.pdf format): Succeeding in Middle School
    STUDENT DOWNLOAD (.pdf format): Resisting Peer Pressure 
    STUDENT DOWNLOAD (.pdf format):  Web Literacy
    STUDENT DOWNLOAD (.pdf format): Standardized Test Secrets