•  At Miller, our motto is "Dream, Believe, Achieve!"  We also follow the AVID mission statement of: closing the achievement gap (or opportunity gap) by preparing ALL students for college readiness and success in a global society.

    The MISSION of the Aberdeen School District is to be a premier learning community that expects and achieves excellence for all.
    Our Goals:
    • Close the achievement gap between low-income and non low-income students.
    • Increase the achievement level of each student.
    • Increase our "on  time" graduation rate.
    Our Strategies:
    • Enhance instruction through powerful teaching and learning.
    • Improve effective leadership.
    • Increase the use of data and make data more accessible to teachers.
    • Promote cultural competence among all staff.
    • Use technology to promote learning.
    • Develop and implement a broad communication plan.