Mrs Reed
    Michelle Reed
    7th grade English Language Arts
    and History
    Phone: 360 538 2100
    Homeroom: 112


    UPDATED May 4, 2020


    Please check your email every day. 


    Your learning opportunities are found in Google Classroom. Your English learning opportunities will be given out in two-week increments. All other classes will be given out in one-week increments. Each week's opportunity will be uploaded by 8 am every Monday. If you do not have reliable internet access, the learning opportunities have been made into packets that you can pick up at any of the meal pickup locations. Make sure to get one from each of your classes.  More specific information can be found on our Google Classroom page.


    On Tuesdays, your teacher will be available via Google Meet during your regularly scheduled class times. The link to the meeting is found on your Google Classroom page. It is found right below the class name in the header. Your student's teacher will be available Mon-Thurs, 8am-3pm by email beginning Monday, March 23rd. Please email me at mreed@asd5.org if you have questions.



    PLEASE SEE OUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM PAGE FOR INFORMATION REGARDING ACADEMICS AND ASSIGNMENTS. Remember you must be logged in to your Google account to access Google Classroom.

     Don't remember how?

    Open an internet browser and type in google.com

    In the right-hand corner click on the sign-in button

    You will use your school email address: 25.last name. first initial@asd5.org 

    For example 25.reed.m@asd5.org

    Find your password on your password sheet in your planner and enter that. 

    You should be in. Then type in classroom.google.com

    Then type in classroom.google.com  and there you are!


    Codes for students and parents to join Google Classroom

    Advisory r24udn3

    Language Lab mxyleiv

    Language Arts 3rd period mrrammh

    Language Arts 4th period dhvqkzi

    Washington State History 5th period 6tzcdeg

    Washington State History 6th period ybzfayj



    A little bit about Mrs. Reed

    I grew up in Montesano, WA where I attended  Elementary and Secondary School.  After High School, I  received an AA from Grays Harbor College and my BA in Education from St. Martin's College.  I have also earned a Masters in Education from Heritage College with a specialization in Professional Development.

    I love using technology in my classroom, our students all have the use of their own Chromebooks. Our view is that technology is used as a way to gather and share knowledge and ideas. Our access to the world is unlimited. Technology is invisible to today's students and I can not imagine teaching any other way.
    I am so excited to be teaching History. It is wonderful to put my degree to work. While this is my first year teaching 7th grade, I have taught the intermediate grades for over 20 years.  There is never a dull moment at this grade level. I was originally hired in 1998 to teach 3rd/4th grade at A. Young Elementary.  The next year I transferred to Central Park where I taught 5th/6th grade until 2019. I chose to join the Miller staff and I know I made a great decision in doing so.  My team teacher this year is Mrs. Darcy Williams. I am excited to share the students with her.

    I have a passion for gardening and photography. During the summer I spend many hours in my greenhouse. My children keep me very busy and we like to travel as much as we can. We enjoy our vacations in Mexico and Tahoe.  Spending time with our extended family and friends is another way we fill our lives.