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    Kris Bitar
    Homeroom: Room 6 
     Here we are, back online. However, this time we will be using Canvas.  You may also reach me at kbitar@asd5.org.  I really miss all of you during this Coronavirus outbreak.  Please know I am thinking about you!
    On Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday will be considered class days. Please see the schedule below. It is IMPORTANT that you check in with me each day at your scheduled class time for attendance purposes. I need to know when you need more work.  
    Here is the schedule for high school:


      Monday / Thursday Tuesday / Friday Wednesday
    Period 1 8:10 – 10:08   8:10 – 9:11
    Period 2   8:10 – 10:08 9:16 – 10:17
    Period 3 10:13 – 12:11   10:22 – 11:23
    Lunch 12:11 – 12:42 12:11 – 12:42 11:28 – 11:58
    Period 4   10:13 – 12:11 12:03 – 1:04
    Period 5 12:47 – 2:45   1:09 – 1:39
    Period 6   12:47 – 2:45 1:44 – 2:45


    • Periods 1 – 3 – 5 on Mondays and Thursdays
    • Periods 2 – 4 – 6 on Tuesdays and Fridays
    • Regular bell schedule on Wednesdays. Wednesdays are NOT a scheduled time to work with your teacher so there will be no Zoom or class. You can work on what you need to work on and teachers will have office hours to help you if needed. Students should pace themselves and review their progress in all classes, complete assignments, and schedule time with their teacher, if needed.
    • Teachers have scheduled availability for students built into their day and students are strongly encouraged to reach out to their teachers for guidance and answers to questions on coursework.

    To get to Canvas, go to ASD5.org and you will see on the button on the main page that says Canvas. Click on that and do not use the sign in option. Instead, look where it says "Login with Google" and click that. 

    REMEMBER: Attendance counts now! Check-in with me during Zoom times and/or email me on your scheduled day to be in our class. Make sure to do this at some point in the day! 

     Please email me, kbitar@asd5.org, if you need help or have any questions! We will make this a good year! Let's get you graduated safely even if this year is starting out crazy! Miss all of you! Kris
    Life is busy but good!  It's better when you are a DRAGON!
    Welcome Home Dragons!
    Kris Bitar