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    Kris Bitar
    Homeroom: Room 6
    Code for Google Classroom: vlvbod7
     **If you are a current student, please accept my invitation on your school email for Google Classroom. We can communicate and list assignments on that page. You may also reach me at kbitar@asd5.org.  I really miss all of you during this Coronavirus outbreak. If you don't remember your login, let me know via email. Please know I am thinking about you!
     Starting April 13th you will have the opportunity to continue to earn a .5 credit in each of your courses. We can communicate through Google Classroom or my email, kbitar@asd5.org, Monday - Thursday.
    On Mondays, this will be considered class days. Please see schedule below. It is IMPORTANT that you check in with me each Monday at least, even if you do not need help. I need to know when you need more work although I know some of you have quite a bit already. You can send pictures to me of your finished work if you can do that. 
    Here is the schedule for MONDAYS: (For All Harbor Teachers) PLEASE CHECK IN WITH ME at kbitar@asd5.org or Google Classroom on Mondays.
    8:05-8:45       1st Wave
    9:00-9:45       2nd Wave
    10:00-10:30    ADVISORY - Check in with your advisor!
    10:30-11:15   4th Wave
    LUNCH 11:15-12:00
    12:00-12:45   5th Wave
    1:00-1:45      6th Wave
    2:00-2:45     7th Wave
    Life is busy but good!  It's better when you are a DRAGON!
    Welcome Home Dragons!
    Kris Bitar