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    Kris Bitar
    Homeroom: Room 6 
     Welcome to the 2022 school year! Here is our schedule for in person:
    Period 1  8:05-9:00
    Period 2  9:05-9:54
    Period 3  10:04-10:53
    Period 4  (Advisory)  10:58-11:28
    LUNCH   11:33-12:03
    Period 5   12:08-12:57
    Period 6   1:02-1:51
    Period 7   1:56-2:45

    If we go online (you will be notified when/if this happens):

    To get to Canvas, go to ASD5.org and you will see the button on the main page that says Canvas. Click on that and do not use the sign-in option. Instead, look where it says "Login with Google" and click that. 

    REMEMBER: Attendance counts! Check in with me during Zoom times and/or email me on your scheduled day to be in our class. Make sure to do this at some point in the day! 

     Please email me, kbitar@asd5.org, if you need help or have any questions! We will make this a good year! Let's get you graduated safely even if this year is starting out crazy! Miss all of you! Kris
    Life is busy but good!  It's better when you are a DRAGON!
    Welcome Home Dragons!
    Kris Bitar