• John Benish
    Email: jbenish@asd5.org
     Homeroom:  227
    I will be updating the assignments on Google Classroom on a weekly basis.  Usually on Sunday nights.  I will also be checking your work several times a day.  
    Remember, April 6th - 10th is spring break.  I will have assignments posted for that week but they will not be due until April 16th.  I will also be updating and adding more as the week goes by.
    Engish 1.  Periods 1 and 6.  
    Google Classroom.  Class code:  qiw7yfi
    English 2.  Periods 2 and 4.
    Google Classroom.  Class code: ywnfvtd
    After you go to Google Classroom, you will find links to No Red Ink and Read Works.