• School Safety Information for Parents
    This page contains information on AHS drills and procedures in the event of emergencies. Please take a moment to read through this, and you are encouraged to print this information out so that you understand why, and what we prepare for.

     Emergency Drills

    a.      Fire Drills

    b.      Earthquake/Tsunami

    c.      Shelter in Place

    d.      Modified Lockdowns 

    e.      Lockdowns

    f.       Evacuation and re-unification
    II.      Fire Drills:  these drills take place on a regular basis; every attempt is made to have them at different times of the day to help familiarize all students with the knowledge to exit the building from its various locations, and to rally to their teachers in order to be accounted for.
    III.     Earthquake/Tsunami Drills:  these drills are conducted on a regular basis to help students become familiar with the various techniques they can employ to protect themselves in the event of an earthquake.
    IV.     Shelter in Place: this drill is conducted to help familiarize students with the process of staying in one location due to some type of disaster in the community that would prevent us from releasing students right away.
    V.      Modified Lockdown : students stay in their classrooms until the office deems it safe to proceed with the regular schedule.  (This may occur because we are in the process of searching for a student on campus.)
    VI.     Lockdowns:  these are conducted in the event we have intruders or threats to anyone on campus.  During these events, the police department is involved and will assist the building administration to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.

    VII.    Evacuation and re-unification:  this may occur in the event of a natural disaster or an event which poses a threat to staff or students.  In the event we  evacuate due to a threat, our first evacuation place would be Sam Benn Park, 300 Hanna Ave. Aberdeen, WA 98520.  Once all of our students arrive, we would determine if it is feasible to return to campus for a regular dismissal at the end of the day or conduct re-unification and dismissal with transportation taking students home on their regular buses. 


    During these events, ALL students will not be allowed to use their electronic communication devices  (the signal from these sometimes trigger explosive devices) and are expected to cooperate with staff and demonstrate proper behavior.

    During drills and actual events there is no one available to provide information. We understand your concerns and will share information as soon as we return from the event.  There are limited lines available and waiting (while difficult) is sometimes less frustrating then getting no answer or a busy signal.