Mr. Sutlovich
    Email: rsutlovich@asd5.org   
    Phone: 360.538.2040
    Homeroom: 314
    2019-2020 Schedule
    1st Period--Senior AVID
    2nd Period--Planning Period
    3rd Period--Intro to Criminal and Personal Law
    4th Period--Criminal Justice
    5th Period--Cats Connections/Criminal Justice
    6th Period--Criminal Justice 
    Welcome to Criminal Justice, the newest CTE offering from the Twin Harbors Skill Center. This class will explore many different aspects of criminal justice including types and elements of crime, the law, morals/ethics, fingerprinting, the origins of DNA and forensic science, the workings of the legal system, the prison system, juvenile justice, and career skills.  We will also learn from mock trials, guest speakers, and field trips.  Any missed work or class notes can be found on the classroom calendar link at the left. 
    A little about myself.....I graduated from Aberdeen High School, Grays Harbor College, and Washington State University (Go Cougs!), earning my teaching certification and I look forward to a long teaching career at AHS.  Some of my personal areas of interest in regards to criminal justice include social and racial inequality, hate crimes, and the Supreme Court. 
    This year I will also be teaching Freshman 101 and Business Procedures and I am also a co-advisor for Outdoor School. 
    I am available Monday to Thursday from 7 to 4; email is the best way to contact me, rsutlovich@asd5.org.
    Please make sure you are enrolled in Google Classroom.  This will be our primary method of learning until further notice. 
    Google Classroom Codes
    AVID: xvo5yrj
    Week 6:  Students will be finishing the AVID Senior Night slide show, check school email for link.  Add information and (school appropriate) pictures! 
    Intro to Crime and Law:  cvntyq5
    Week 6:  Students will learn about exceptions to search warrants, interrogations and confessions, Miranda Rights, and methods of investigating police misconduct. 
    Criminal Justice:  ralphks
    Week 6:  Students will begin studying juvenile law.  Topics will include a history of juvenile law, juvenile detention, probation, and differences between the adult correctional system and juvenile correctional system.
    Business Procedures:  xyni4rl
    Students will be learning about post-secondary apprenticeships.