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    Bobcat Booster Club

    The Bobcat Booster Club is an organization that helps provide financial support for the students and activities of Aberdeen High School. In addition, we also provide financial scholarship assistance and recognize academic achievements of students at Aberdeen High School. Membership is open to all friends of Aberdeen High School. We are 501(c)(3) approved and registered as a nonprofit organization in the State of Washington.

    Only active groups, clubs, and organizations that hold an account with the Bobcat Booster Club may use the Club’s tax ID number, with permission, for fundraising purposes. Contact a member of the Booster Club for further questions.

    Bobcat Booster Club meetings are held the second Monday of every month, excluding July, at 7pm, in the Community Room at the Aberdeen High School unless otherwise specified.

    Please join us to see what’s new, what’s old, and what’s changing.   Also find out how you can volunteer and be a part of the Bobcat Booster Club.

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    Bobcat Booster Club Board Members:

    Jessica Castro  360-581-5604
    Vice President/Fundraising  
    Kris Sidor   360-581-0071          
    Michelle Jimenez  360-590-1828 
    Joelle Buckman   360-589-6111
    Anna Castro   360-500-1338
     Ryan Farrar   360-537-6590
    Tina Logan   360-500-6586 
    Alicia McCue   360-590-5444
    Bill Sidor   360-580-0503

    Brian Smith  360-580-1576