• Online Learning at Aberdeen High School
    Thank you for visiting. The intent of the online program is to offer an opportunity to students under the age of 21, without their high school diploma to:
    --Earn high school credit for graduation purposes;
    --Improve skills in a particular study of interest;
    --Take Advanced Placement courses that do not fit into the schedule or are not offered at the high school;
    --Earn credit for homeschool requirements.
    There are many courses and options available for students. We use the online Edgenuity Learning System to deliver curriculum and coursework that is NCAA, College Board, and State accredited.
    If you have an interest and you are a current high school student or returning student, please contact your counselor or the school; 360-538-2040. If you are interested in taking a course but you are homeschooled or are not enrolled in high school, please call Dawn Gedenberg at 360-537-6699 for more information.