• Mark Borgens

    Room 110
    Course Title:

    Apex On-line Courses


    Web-based cuuriculum; Internet; job sites

    Instructional Philosophy:

    Apex is a District approved on-line learning environment Student must the following terms inorder to earn credit.

    • Each class is equal to .5 credit or the equivalent of one trimester class. On school and teacher approval, students may take for parial credit. This needs to be set up beforeinitiating the class.
    • Students must complete all coursework enrolled in by end of trimester or no credit will be awarded and class might need to be restarted to earn credit.

    Course Standards/Projects/Major Assignments:

    • Apex is a web-based program. Some classes may require additional books or materials, limited quantities will be available in the library.
    • Most classes require an average 60+ hours of work for completion. This means students must work a minimum of an hour every school day in order to finish. Students may complete classes in less time, but credit cannot be guaranteed for students who do not complete a course within the time allotted. Some students will require more than 60 hours to complete and are responsible to complete time before/after and/or at home.
    • Each class consists of, but is not limited to, a series of units, including lessons, review quizzes, unit tests, and a final exam. Lessons and review quizzes may be completed at home but unit tests and final exams must be completed in the Apex Lab.
    • All writing assignments must be typed in standard format and submitted electronically to staff.
    • Students may use their own notes and study sheets (no books or other materials) on the unit tests and final exams.
    • Students working outside of class are encouraged to check in regularly to monitor their progress. Students who do not check in regularly or make adequate progress may be locked out of or dropped from Apex.
    • Apex is an intensive class that will require significant time to complete. Students may need to complete work outside of class to receive credit.

    Attendance Policy:

    Students are responsible for attending all classes (with the exception of an absence excused by the school) and actively engaging the day’s lesson.

    Absence Rule:

    If a student misses more than school alloted class sessions during a trimester, he/she may be subject to loss of credit in that class. Students can work outside of the class on their courses. Typically, I am in the room by 7:30 and stay until 3:45.