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  • Native Education Program 

    The Native Education Program is mandated by Title VI, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The intent of this law is to provide financial assistance to school districts for the development and implementation of programs specifically designed to meet the culturally related academic needs of American Indian/Alaska Native students. The program receives funding through a federal grant from the Office of Indian Education in Washington, DC. The focus for our grant is student attendance and graduation completion. 
    • For a child to be eligible to receive services from the Title VI Indian Education Program, a student Eligibility Form (506) must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian.  
    • No Specific blood quantum is required to enroll in the program and it is not required for the student to be enrolled in a tribe, if the student has a parent or grandparent who is enrolled.
    The Student Eligibility Form (506) only needs to be completed once. If you believe you have completed a form, please check with Indian Education Coordinator Patricia Raya. Information may need to be updated or added to the form you previously completed.  
    Program Services:
    • Student and family support
    • Advocacy for students
    • Academic tracking
    • College and career information
    • Scholarship and financial aid assistance
    • Educational field trips
    • Information on community resources available to students and their families
    • Access to programs and services that encourage leadership and aim to instill a strong sense of cultural identity and belonging 
    Native Families Council

    The Native Families Council works to advise the Aberdeen School District on development, operation and evaluation of the program. The council  consists of : Parents of Native students participating in the program (at least half of the committee must consist of these parents). In addition to parents and secondary students participating in the program, district teachers and staff are also welcome on our council.

    The council assists the district in:

    • Assessing student needs
    • Developing program goals
    • Evaluating program effectiveness
    The council meets with parents, staff and community at least 3 times yearly.