• Business Forms

    Facility Use Forms - We have developed two forms for facility use in our district.  One form is for in-district staff requesting to use a space for student or district sponsored events.  The other form is for out-of-district groups or organizations who would like to request use of one of our facilities for an event.  
    If you have questions about our facility use, please contact the Administrative Assistant for the Business Office, at 360-538-2010.
    Some browsers may not allow you to save the form if it is filled out in the browser window. For best results, save the pdf file and fill in the form using Adobe Reader. 

    Prior Approvals - Travel for out-of-district events where the employee will be submitting reimbursement for travel expenses (mileage, hotel, meals, registration, etc.) requires completion of the Prior Approval Form.  Please complete the prior approval form and submit to the district office with supervisor and/or program signatures at least 15 days prior to the date of travel.  
    For more information on district travel and reimbursement, please review Policy & Procedure 6213/6213P.  
    Prior Approval Form and Instructions


    Expense Reimbursement (Policy 6213) Updated 1-14-17
    Please note that in accordance with Procedure 6213P, "Any travel expenses that are not submitted within 30 days of the date of return will not be honored unless special circumstances warrant the delay". 
    Please be sure to print the In-District Mileage Reimbursement Form and Travel Reimbursement Form for supervisor authorization.