Miller Junior High Counseling Center

    7th Grade and 8th Grade Team 8B (Teachers: Meissner, G Harless, Leitch, and Williamson)  
       Thad Williams 360-538-2112 thwilliams@asd5.org
    6th Grade and 8th Grade Team 8A (Teachers: Carle, M Harless, Tageant, Holt): 
         Cathy Trusty 360-538-2113 ctrusty@asd5.org

    Counseling Secretary/Registrar:
         Nikki Jelovich  - 538-2110 njelovich@asd5.org

    Our mission at Miller Jr. High Counseling Center is to provide a comprehensive guidance program that will support and enhance the social/emotional and academic development of all our students.  Our vision is to create an environment where students are supported and encouraged to be capable, passionate and resilient individuals who strive to improve their lives and the lives of others.

    The Role of the School Counselor
    School counselors work to help students gain competence in the areas of:
    • Educational/Academic Development
      • Achievement leading to an understanding of the real world.
    • Career/Vocational Development
      • Exploration and preparation for the world of work
    • Personal/Social Development
      • Understanding one's self and relating to others effectively

     Crisis Information