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Summary of the School Board meeting on January 19, 2020

Aberdeen School District No. 5

Summary of School Board of Directors Meeting

January 19, 2020


President Sandra Bielski convened the regular meeting of the Aberdeen School District Board of Directors at 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 19, 2021, via webinar following guidance for conducting remote meetings in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act. Directors present were Jennifer Durney, Bill Dyer, Jessica Jurasin and Suzy Ritter, along with Student Representative Katlynn Smith, Superintendent Alicia Henderson and 161 patrons and staff watching remotely.

The meeting began with the Flag salute.


Minutes, Bills, Trips & Gifts

The board approved the Consent Agenda, which included:

  • The minutes from the meeting on December 15, 2020;
  • Payroll vouchers totaling $2,797,504.49;
  • General Fund vouchers totaling $714,193.90;
  • ASB Fund vouchers totaling $1,700.30,
  • Gifts to the district from the following:
    • The Grays Harbor Community Foundation has provided $500 to the FFA at Aberdeen High School on behalf of Darrell and Elaine Lokken.
    • The Weatherwax Class of 1958 has donated $3,000 to the Aberdeen High School ASB -- $2,500 to the InvestEd account and $500 to SkillsUSA.
    • Bruce and Theresa Kuhnau have donated $2,500 to the district with a request that the funds be used to support students at this time. The gift will be used to purchase SEL books for students to pick up at food service and school sites.
    • Enterprises International, Inc., of Hoquiam has donated $1,000 to the SkillsUSA program at Aberdeen High School.


Comments from Board members

Director Jessica Jurasin thanked all those who have sent emails and commented over the past few days regarding the hybrid model and schedule for the in-person component to start Feb. 1. She noted that she has read all the input, but has not had a chance to respond. 

Director Suzy Ritter also thanked those who reached out regarding the in-person hybrid model planned to begin Feb. 1 for K-3, and that while she also has not had a chance to respond, she shares many of the same concerns. She added that all the work that has taken place to this point is appreciated. She also said she continues to be grateful for the Health and Wellness pods that students can take part in. 

Director Bill Dyer added that School Board members are well-positioned to evaluate the information coming to them as board members are also parents, grandparents, business owners, working professionals and educators who are living through the pandemic along with everyone else.


Comments from Student Representative 

Student Representative Katllynn Smith provided a report. She noted that six-week grades are due and will be used for fall sport eligibility, which starts Feb. 1; that sports packets are available and students should contact the AHS main office with questions; that the Bobcat Booster Club is selling team gear during the athletic conditioning pods, and that the leadership groups at AHS have been working to create opportunities for virtual social interactions with students and families that are well attended, such as virtual BINGO, social Zooms, and Kahoot! (a virtual game).


Superintendent’s Report 

School Board Recognition: January is School Board Recognition Month.

Superintendent Alicia Henderson read a proclamation from Governor Jay Inslee and thanked board members for their service, especially during these challenging times. 

ASD5 Survey No. 2: Superintendent Henderson shared the results of the second survey the district administered seeking feedback from staff, parents and students on the instructional model. 

Results were measured against a similar survey from last October asking respondents about their academic and emotional well-being, the workload and the likelihood they would return to the classroom when an in-person model can be offered. Results also indicate a significant, strong majority of community members and K-3 students anticipate returning in-person to school when it’s offered, while slightly less than 50 percent of students in grades 4-12 indicated they are more than likely to return in-person. 

Updated Reopening Plan: Superintendent Henderson presented an updated ASD5 Reopening Plan, which has been modified to reflect new health and safety metrics for reopening schools announced by the governor on December 16. The updated plan calls for offering an in-person component for Grades PreK-3 beginning Feb. 1. There was a  lengthy discussion that saw board members sharing input from parents and the public and asking many questions about the new metrics, the online option for students who remain distanced, and the schedule for K-5 and 6-12. Following discussion, the board directed the superintendent to modify the plan to an all-day, simultaneous instruction model so that students can keep their same teachers, whether distance or in-person. 

Distance Learning Update: Superintendent Henderson noted that the district is still waiting to hear whether schools will be required to administer state assessments this year. 

COVID-19 Response: Superintendent Henderson said the health team is working diligently to get information on when the vaccine will be available to educators, and that the most recent information from the Governor’s Office was the first week of February. Superintendent Henderson said the district has offered its facilities to host a shot clinic and it is hoped that the vaccine can be offered to staff the same way flu shot clinics have operated in the past.


Teaching and Learning 

Professional Development Update: Teaching and Learning Director Traci Sandstrom introduced teachers Ashley Emmett and Brandi Sjostrand, two of the district’s Canvas super users. They shared information about the ongoing Canvas training that staff has been participating in. Director Sandstrom was enthused about the growth among educators in using the platform, saying that many teachers “are now using bells and whistles of Canvas that many couldn’t begin thinking about at the beginning of the year.” Survey No. 2 shows more than 75 percent of the staff is now confident and comfortable using Canvas compared to 50 percent last October. 

Tech Training for Parents: CTE Director Lynn Green shared information about evening technology sessions the district is offering where parents are coming together to share and learn about Canvas tips and tricks. Feedback in Survey No. 1 saw a number of parents commenting that their limited technology skills in Canvas made it difficult to support their student(s).


Financial Services 

Fiscal Status Report: Director Louderback presented the Fiscal Status Report for December. The ending fund balance is $4,224,852.38 in the General Fund; $23,297.48 in the Capital Projects Fund; $777,356.27 in the Debt Service Fund; $275,826.86 in the ASB Fund, and $334,718.85 in the Transportation Vehicle Fund.  With a third of the fiscal year elapsed, the district has received 31.6 percent of expected revenue and spent 28.8 percent of budgeted funds. 

Under enrollment, Director Louderback reported that the 3,124.02 fte in January is 104.98 fte less than the budgeted enrollment of 3,229.


Athletics and Activities 

Athletic Director’s Report: Athletic Director John Crabb provided an update on athletic opportunities for students this winter. He reported that the WIAA has adopted the governor’s guidance for offering sports, and that fall and winter sports practices can begin February 1, starting with Phase 1 low-risk sports -- cross country, golf and tennis. Aberdeen will be competing with schools in its hospital region. Middle school sports are tentatively scheduled to begin February 8. High risk sports such as football, soccer, volleyball and baseball and softball, can only reopen when the region enters Phase 2. State playoffs will not occur, but heh said there is likely to be culminating regional events. 

Principal Crabb also announced that due to the limitations on attendance, the district is offering a live camera subscription service so families can watch high school sporting events remotely.


New Business 

Policy 3225 Threat Assessment: An update to Policy 3225 – Threat Assessment was presented for first reading. The update replaces/renumbers Policy 4314 –  Notification of Threats, Violence or Harm. 

Grays Harbor College Agreement: The board approved an agreement with Grays Harbor College to provide practicum hours to student teachers in partnership with the Century 21 Program. 

Cosmopolis School District Agreement: The board approved renewal of an agreement with the Cosmopolis School District to lease fiber capacity. 

Behavioral Health Agreement: The board approved an agreement with Behavioral Health Resources (BHR) to provide services to staff, students and families in the early childhood program. 



Personnel Report

Following an executive session, the board approved the personnel matters.